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We will find you ANY car you want, and make sure it’s a great example at a great price… all without you having to do ANY of the work!

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  • The exact car you want
  • Lots of helpful advice on the best car for you
  • A car at the right price

  • The car experts acting FOR you
  • The car delivered to your door

  • To put your feet up whilst we do all the work

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  • Having to go anywhere near a car dealer

  • Not being sure whether the car you’ve found is any good
  • Paying too much for the car
  • Being convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car
  • Taking time out of work to find your car

  • Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway

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I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!

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- ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder

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Our 6 step process:

  1. 1. You tell us exactly what car you want

  2. 2. We search for every available car in the UK that fits your description
  3. 3. We negotiate with the seller

  4. 4. We make sure that the

    car is in excellent condition

  5. 5. We collect the car and bring it to your door

  6. 6. You enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

Words from our hero: Mr. Palmdale

"Picture your perfect car - now imagine sitting back with your feet up while someone else scours the country for the ideal car and saves you a bundle of cash as well."

  • "Palmdale don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, go the extra mile, and indeed live up to any other positive cliché I can think of."
    Prof Justin Joffe
  • "The service was exactly as advertised - friendly, stress free and professional. The Palmdale team were very easy to deal with, sourced my daughter the exact car she wanted"
    Dave Webster
  • "We were presented with our new car in immaculate condition, delivered to our doorstep within a couple of weeks of starting the process."
    Steven Thomas
  • "I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional and not in any way ‘salesman-like’"
    Bob Owen
  • "When they say it really shouldn’t be this

    easy to buy a car

    , its true!"
    Stuart Puryer
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