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Case studies > Volkswagen Touran
Volkswagen Touran Front View
The Requirement:
Annette wanted to upgrade her car but felt that a dealer would try to take advantage of her after a string of bad experiences when she went for test drives.
Volkswagen Touran Back View
What we did:
We suggested a VW Touran would fit her needs – something automatic, with lots of room inside – and tracked down a great example at a dealer in Yorkshire… where we did the negotiating, checked it out and brought it to her.
Volkswagen Touran Interior
The conclusion:
Annette’s only involvement with the dealer was sending the money direct, so she didn’t even have to speak to them to get her perfect car.
What the client said:
‘Palmdale have sourced cars for both my mother and myself. We are both extremely pleased with our cars, and also with the amazing service that Palmdale provided. Not only have they saved us thousands of pounds (and a lot of stress), we got service with a smile. Palmdale really goes the extra mile, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.’
Annette Peppis, Surrey