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Case studies > Ford Focus
Ford Focus front view
The Requirement:
Karen was seven months pregnant and didn’t fit into her two-seater sports car any more – but while she wanted something with room for the baby and a fold-up buggy, she didn’t know what make or model. Definitely no people carriers though.
Ford Focus Back View
What we did:
We recommended a Ford Focus – great value, cheap to run, well-built, practical, reliable… and not too big. We found three within her budget, including one which was only three years old and had done 37,000 miles.
Ford Focus Interior
The conclusion:
Karen had her new car just 10 days after instructing us, plenty of time before having her baby – and we saved £500 for her to spend on nappies.
What the client said:
‘From the advice given in the very beginning right through to delivery of the car, Palmdale were fantastic! We never imagined that we would get something with such low mileage, in great condition and only three years old for our budget, but Palmdale came through and did all of the time-consuming hard work! We will never waste our time again trying to buy a car by ourselves.’
Karen Wrethman, West-London