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CHOOSING Longer Car Manufacturer Warranties

On the very first morning of our epic 2,500 km European rally last weekend, our sub-150 car wouldn't start.

Thankfully it was very quickly sorted (forgetting to turn off an interior light had left us with a flat battery), but there is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realise that there is something wrong with your car.

This is the reason why all new cars come with a warranty, so that all you have to do is take it to your local dealer for a free repair. The manufacturer warranty (not to be confused with an aftermarket warranty - see here) always used to last for 3 years. Recently, however, this has changed... for the better.

A battle between different manufacturers to see who can offer the longest warranty has been waging, and we car buyers are certainly getting the benefits!

Below is a breakdown of what is currently offered by each manufacturer.

All major manufacturers not listed below:
3 years.

2 years (yes, you can spend 100k on a Porsche and still only get a stingy warranty).

5 years for any car registered from August 2010, but 3 years for older cars.

7 years for all cars originally purchased after 1 January 2010 and all Ceed models regardless of age. 3 years for everything else.

5 years on all cars registered after 1 August 2002.

All cars from 1 August 2010 come with Vauxhall's new Lifetime Warranty... but this is not always as good as it sounds. It stops once a car has exceeded 100,000 miles, plus you need to take the car to a Vauxhall dealer every year for a free annual inspection. And it only applies to the first owner (2nd/3rd owners just get the normal 3-year cover).

And you also need to remember that with the exception of Hyundai, all manufacturer warranties have mileage limitations, typically 60,000 miles for a 3-year warranty and 100,000 for a 5-year warranty.

Don't forget that this is really important information for the used car buyer too, as nearly all the warranties above are transferable, so if you are buying a 2006 Hyundai, for example, you still have one year of the manufacturer warranty left!

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Enjoy the bank holiday break-down!


Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)


Honda Accord Tourer
Honda Accord Tourer

The brief:
"Please find me a diesel Honda Accord Tourer with as low mileage as possible."

How much it should have cost:
Glass's Guide = 12,513

We bought it for = 9,500!

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Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT

The 190 BHP Lotus Exige is a seriously fast car. Although the British-made Venom GT may look very similar to the Exige, it is madder than a bunch of Mad Hatters trying to lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit in under 8 minutes... on bicycles. Its absolute lunacy is the psychotic 1,200 BHP engine option. That's 200 BHP more than a Bugatti Veyron! Stark raving bonkers!

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Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who sponsored our participation in the Ramshackle Rally Valencia last weekend.

Our route started in Calais with nightly stop-overs in Annecy (just south of Geneva), San Remo (Italian Riviera), Perpignan and finally Valencia where it was 43C!

We received a huge amount of attention on the road in our Ghostbsuters replica car. On our drive through Monte Carlo, we passed a soft-top Lamborghini; as we got our cameras out to take a photo, the driver stuck his mobile phone out of the window and took a number of shots of us!

And best of all, we raised over 4,000 for Christopher Place and Auditory Verbal UK!

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