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Car Needs vs Wants - The Results!

I will never forget midnight on Sunday 21 November... 31 days of pent-up motoring frustration released by a good hard blatt in my '64 Mustang.

The previous 31 days spent driving nothing but a Nissan Micra were tough!

But what did I learn from driving just my 'needs' for a whole month?

1) A month is very different to a lifetime

Yes, I survived 31 days, but at every point I knew there was an end in sight. Could I have done this forever? No way!

2) Noticeably more money in my pocket

At 38 to fill up, the Micra saved me about 120 in fuel over the month... that would add up to not far off 1,500 a year. Plus I would probably save another 1,500 in insurance. And that's without even taking into account how much money I would receive from selling all my cars... if I ever had the emotional constitution to do so (not likely!).

3) The reliability issue

Small things kept falling off... regularly. The rear view mirror, then one of the window winders, then the stereo died. But, I thought I was doing well until the very last day, when the exhaust collapsed! Hmmm... putting that right will use up all the money I saved on fuel.

4) Image

I believe it was Aretha Franklin who wrote: "R.E.S.P.E.C.T. My Micra gets none for me!"

I am not a great believer in turning up at a business meeting in a brand-new Porsche, but a clapped-out 18-year-old Micra says lots about the driver: I have no money, success or self-respect... and other road users treat you like that too.

5) I have earned the right to drive a nice car... or four!

Whether I can survive driving just a Micra is irrelevant. I work hard, I earn money and I choose to spend it on things I want. If I couldn't buy interesting things to drive I probably wouldn't bother working!

And that last point is my key finding from this whole experiment:

Most of us could manage with bargain basement cars... but why should we have to?

(I just wish I hadn't had to spend 31 days driving a rubbish car to figure that out!)

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See you on the streets
(and this time I won't hide in embarrassment),


Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

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Volkswagen Passat CC
Volkswagen Passat CC

The brief:
"I have no idea what I want, but it must be fast, economical, loaded with toys... and great value!"

How much it should have cost:
Glass's Guide value = 21,717

We bought it for = 19,740!

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Maserati Quattroporte GTS
Maserati Quattroporte 4.7 GT S

This could be a terrible car (although it certainly isn't!) and I would still forgive it anything just because of the nerve-tingling noise it makes. For four hours last week I was behind the wheel of the only saloon car that sounds like a Ferrari on drugs. And the name... Quattroporte. It sounds so exotic that you would never guess it literally translates as "4 doors".

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