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CHECKING Car Data Checks

A few months ago I was just about to buy a BMW Convertible for a client (one that HAD to be in 'Orient Blue') when the Car Data Check we ran showed that the car was previously stolen (but then recovered). Suffice to say that we did not end up buying it after all!

A Car Data Check (also known as an 'HPI Check') is absolutely essential on ANY car that you are thinking of buying and will let you know whether the car has any hidden history. (You can see an example by CLICKING HERE.)

You can do the check either online or over the phone and it will cover a variety of areas including:

1) FINANCE - This shows whether the car has any money owing on it, which may (but not always) transfer on to you

2) A.B.I. CONDITION - Lists whether a car has ever been written off by an insurance company (typically due to accident damage)

3) STOLEN - Whether the car has ever been stolen

Today there are lots of companies offering Car Data Checks, and most of the information comes from exactly the same sources. This means that you don't need to pay the AA 25 like you used to. My personal favourites are: (make sure to deselect the 'mileage check' option)

And don't forget that it is not just private sellers and small-time dodgy car dealers who try to sell cars with bad history - that BMW convertible I mentioned at the start of this email was from an official BMW main dealer...

'HPI' New Year!


Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)


Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

The brief:
"I am moving back to the UK from Spain and want the same car as I had over there... for less money"

How much it should have cost:
Glass's Guide = 12,100

We bought it for = 9,600!


Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen Golf GTI

Drive the kids to school in one of the safest and most reliable hatchbacks available... and then have true pure sports car thrills thrashing it around for the rest of the day!

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