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NEGOTIATING eBay Bargain Hunting (Part 1)

Some of the best car deals I have ever found, have been on But... the world's most popular auction website MUST be used properly.

This is the first of two emails which will give you the top tips of a seasoned eBay expert - modest old me!

1) Vs Vs Auctions

Most of the 100-150,000 car adverts on eBay are Classified adverts (or Buy It Now offers). These are just like the Classified adverts on Auto Trader or any other website, but it is the auctions where the real bargains can be found.

As with any auction, the seller may not have much idea about what their car is worth. Although this often means that sellers can be overly optimistic, it can sometimes result in people letting cars go for far below their true value.

2) Buy, Don't Bid

Although this goes against the spirit of eBay, many people who auction their cars are happy to end the auction early for a guaranteed sale. Contact the seller (phone is better than email) and make them an offer - you can often pick up a bargain while everyone else is still deciding how much to bid.

3) Search for completed auctions

On the 'Advanced Search' page, tick the box next to 'Completed listings' and your results will show finished items only.

Those with the prices shown in RED will be cars that have not successfully sold. These often depressed people are great to email or call with low offers!

4) Badly Advertised Cars

Poor photos and a very short description are not always signs of a bad car... just a bad seller.

By making a few enquiries, you can often get enough detail to discover if the car is actually perfectly good. This allows you to confidently offer more than other people, who have made the assumption that the car is not worth much.

Now, this email comes with a word of caution: you are more likely to get ripped off using eBay than anywhere else. Should you attempt to find a bargain on eBay, you do so at your own peril... unless you wait for the next email newsletter entitled "eBay Bargain Hunting (Part 2) - WHAT NOT TO DO ON EBAY".

Bidding you farewell!


Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)


Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5

The brief:
"I want an MX-5. I don't care what colour (within reason) or specification, but it must be a bargain!"

How much it should have cost:
Glass's Guide = 5,225

We bought it for = 4,000!


Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Countach

This car featured in numerous posters on my bedroom walls when I was growing up. I REALLY wanted one! Sadly, everyone who has ever driven one says that it is the most appalling car to drive. I still want one though... but just to look at and maybe polish occasionally.

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