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Used Car Prices to Go Through the Roof!

Sorry to everyone who was expecting Part II of our eBay buying guide (it will now be in the next newsletter); however, the information in this email is far too important to wait.

If you are planning on buying a used car in the near future, DO IT NOW and do not delay. Used car values are on the rise and are set to continue to rocket upwards.

Huh? Isn’t this a recession?

Exactly! The current climate means that many of those people who traditionally bought new cars are now opting for used cars instead. And the market has struggled to keep up with demand.

What’s made it even worse…

Normally, when the new registrations come out (every 1 March and 1 September) there is a flood of part-exchanged cars that enter the market. But low sales of March’s new 09-reg cars have reduced that flood to a trickle.

But what about the poor, dear car dealers?

Every car dealer I speak to is full of tales of woe about how little stock they have and how the cars they usually buy at auction are selling for far above the recommended price.

But surely this is only happening with ‘normal’ cars?

Not at all. I bought a big, thirsty Land Rover Discovery for a client this week. Thankfully, the seller had not realised that his car had actually appreciated by £2,000 since he first started advertising it in January!

And the worst news is that it will get much worsebefore it gets better. People need cars, so the prices are going to have to get VERY high before demand starts to shrink… and by the summer prices WILL be very high.

(Still here? Quick, go grab a bargain before it is too late!)

Forever ‘clutch’ing at deals,

Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

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