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Where most people don’t look for cars…

If you have been paying attention to these award-winning** newsletters, you will already know all about how to find cars on both the Autotraderand eBay websites. (If not, you can refresh your memory by clicking herehere and here.) However, there are also hundreds of other car sales websites out there.

Here are a few of my favourites that are worth checking out:


One of the largest sports car discussion websites, Pistonheads also has a massive ‘for sale’ section. Although it used to be just for top-end sports cars, you can now find plenty of very normal cars on here too. And many people who advertise here do not bother to advertise elsewhere, which means that they typically get far less interest in their cars than they should do (great for us car buyers!).


Favoured by the motor trade, I regularly find cars on here that dealers have not advertised elsewhere. Seems crazy… but who am I to complain about discovering a hidden motoring gem?!


Once upon a time these guys were the leaders in used car sales, but E&M’s market share is now absolutely tiny. However, there are still occasional private sellers who assume E&M are still as big as they were in their glory days and insist on advertising here. Hardly anyone sees these adverts except for a clever few!


If you advertise your car in a local paper it will often end up on Fish4 as part of the deal. As with Exchange & Mart, this is used by private sellers who thankfully don’t know any better.


Ashley Winston
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