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London to Krakow in a £1 Car

The email is to prove that you can buy a very good car for very little money indeed… although as a ‘buyer of cars’ some people may think that is not a wise statement to make!

Please do not get me wrong, Palmdale’s clients spending £30,000 on a car get a lot for their money. Luxury, performance and usually a car that is fairly new, but many cars are built to such high standards that they just go on and on and on.

With this in mind I wondered what could be bought for the least money possible and how I could prove its reliability..? Driving to Poland should do the trick!


The rules of the Ramshackle Rally are simple: spend up to £150 on a car and get to Krakow, Poland in it (along with 150 other crazy teams).

But we SPENT JUST £1 on our BMW… and we leave tonight!


Our 1986 BMW 320i was bought from a friend as it had previously been written off AND needed a new clutch (as well as a few other things).

The bodywork damage was repaired, some ugly rust removed and the car generally smartened up, allfree of charge with many thanks to our friends at G&N Coachworks (the finest car body repairers in West London – 020 8994 1111).

Next, we fitted a new clutch…

																		 Chaging The Clutch
Raj, our Chief Mechanic, “Don’t worry guys,
there are always parts left over…”

…changed the oil, changed the brake pads… and, er, fitted a Karaoke machine.


Yes, Raj (aka “Elvis Presley”), Nisha (“Amy Winehouse”) and myself (“Frank Sinatra” – of course) will be singing our way to Krakow.

Karaoke Machine
“Come drive with me, let’s drive, let’s drive away…”


And why are we doing this (aside from the obvious scientific merit, of course!)? To raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The charity is very close to my heart as my best friend’s daughter has spent quite a bit of time there. Isabel is the best natured kid I have ever met – but the staff at GOSH take my breath away with the love and attention they give to EVERY one of their young patients.

So I am making one exception to my promise to myself that I would never use this newsletter for anything except car buying information. I have set up a Just Giving page and would ask every single one of you to dig into your wallets (even if for just a little bit of change) to help a very good cause, and a very very brave little girl:

7-seat you later!

Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

At Palmdale we specialise in taking all the hassle out of the car buying process:


  • YOU tell us exactly what car you want
  • WE search for every available car in the UK that meets your description
  • WE negotiate with the seller
  • WE make sure that the car is perfect
  • WE collect the car and bring it to your door
  • YOU enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

These newsletters are our attempt to teach you everything we know about car buying; however, if you would like us to find and buy your next car for you, all you have to do is ask!