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Buying from Main Dealers

The most expensive place you can buy a car from is an official main dealer! Right?

Well, actually, no. Sift through all the overpriced cars at a main dealer and there are often a few bargains to be had, and here’s why…

(N.B. A ‘main’ dealer is an officially franchised dealer that will typically sell just one make of car.)


Most dealers get big incentives to keep used stock for only a limited amount of time (typically 60 days), so once they’ve had the car hanging around for a few weeks they are often eager to slash the price just to get rid of it… even if they make no profit out of it!


When looking for cars that are under 1 year old, I often find that 90% of them will be at main dealers. Of course, if you are looking to buy an older car, this is less of a problem; although it is still worth a look at the main dealers’ websites. Speaking of which…


Apart from one or two exceptions, you can find all of a main dealer’s stock on the manufacturer’s website. These sites are great to use, so just google the car make to find them. The worst website is which only ever has a small chunk of the UK’s used Fords listed and so is pretty useless. Taking second place is Citroen – although nowhere near as bad, dealers often have cars not listed on the website.


And don’t forget that when you buy a used car from a main dealer it nearly always comes with at least 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, and nothing needing doing to it (not even a service). And if you ask nicely, national delivery can sometimes be thrown in too…

With best wishes from the bright spark (plug)

Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

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