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Snow Joke for 4x4s

In comparison with many other parts of the world the UK has a fairly mild climate.

But the moment there is a single flake of snow, the whole of the country goes crazy and decides that they cannot live without a 4×4. Which is what is happening right now.


Actually, in most situations, having four-wheel drive doesn’t make as much of a difference as most people expect. Yes, a Land Rover, for instance, comes with a whole host of electronic settings to cope with an impressive variety of terrain, and has good ground clearance… but the standard tyres are not especially capable.

For example, the weekend before last, yours truly thought my all-wheel-drive Audi would easily make it up a snowy mountain pass in Snowdonia… Wrong! This is the photo of a friendly local towing me out of the snow in his properly-tyred car:

Being pulled out of the snow in Snowdonia

But as ‘winter tyres’ don’t work well in warm weather you have to be prepared to swap the tyres over twice a year, which most people aren’t.


Very very low.

Last week I was speaking with a Land Rover dealer who typically has 45 used cars in stock. They had just 6 cars left.

And if you are after a particular specification car, you may find only 2 or 3 examples available in the whole of the UK right now!


Silly? No. Ridiculous? Yes.

We have been looking for a Land Rover Discovery 4 this week for a client, and the best deal we could find him was a 9-month-old car… for £800 less than we could buy a brand-new one!

Part of the problem is that he would then have to wait until April for delivery of his brand-new car because, like many manufacturers, Land Rover are very behind on orders.

I’m happy to report that this client did decide to wait, rather than to be taken advantage of due to a few white flakes. And that is what I advise any of you thinking about buying a 4×4 to do – wait.

But, you know… all this bad weather makes it a GREAT time to buy a convertible…

Mind how you snow,

Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

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