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How Car Colours Affect Values

Out of every choice you can make when deciding about your next car, colour is one of the most critical.

Choose the wrong car colour and you can find that when you are done with it, selling your prized machine or part-exchanging it can be very difficult. Choose the right colour and you can sometimes add up to £2,000 to its value.

(My hard-core newsletter devotees will remember that this was the topic of my very first newsletter, in October 2008. Don’t worry; it’s not that I have run out of things to write about, just that this is a very important subject that has changed a little since then.)

So here’s the Holy Grail of car colours:

It looks very smart on pretty much every car. However, be warned that on cheaper cars many buyers will shy away from black as it has a deserved reputation for being difficult to keep clean.

Sure, there are some people who find grey dull, but it looks good on pretty much any car and is easy to keep tidy. This is my top colour in general.

Generally looks good on most cars, but due to its huge popularity a few years back, some people don’t want silver as it is the same colour everyone else has.

On premium cars, white can add substantial value. It is the current fashionable colour, and has been for the last few years. But… personally, I think that sooner or later the fashion will change and we will see white cars plummet in value.

It very much depends on the shade of blue, but although it will be very few people’s first choice, it is disliked by even fewer.

Sure, a dark green can be nice (like two of my own cars in fact!), but few people will look for it, and many will not like it. I’d stay away from green if you can… and I should probably listen to my own advice…

I have been saying for ages that red will be the next fashionable colour, but it has yet to happen. Of course, if you are buying a Ferrari, red is the only colour to have (Rosso Corso to be exact).

You! Put the gold car down and step away! Driving a car into a brick wall does less damage to its resale value than having it in gold.

But please remember that it is all down to taste.

If you hate grey cars, but love gold ones, then knock yourself out and buy a gold car. But do so under no illusions. It will cost you in the long run…

I bid you a good grey!
(Bet you weren’t red-dy for that!)

Ashley Winston
(Founder & Owner)

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