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Please complete the form below and we will be more than happy to provide a valuation for your current car.


Because valuations are offered on cars we have not physically seen or driven, it is VERY important that you complete the form with as much detail as possible (small errors and accidental omissions may affect the result of the valuation greatly). We would be very upset to need to revise the valuation on sight of the car, e.g. when the car is taken in part exchange.

We appreciate that we are far more likely to be used to this process than you may be, so please feel free to call us on 0845 430 1289 if you feel it would be better to give us this information verbally, so that we can ask questions as needed.


Please list your last few services, starting with the most recent:

By Who

Please describe any marks to the BODYWORK:
(We strongly suggest that you have the car cleaned before doing this, and then carefully go around the whole car noting any scratches, scrapes, dents and rust marks, no matter how small. Also, please look at the wheels and tyres and the condition of the windscreen too.)

Has the car ever had any ACCIDENT REPAIRS?:

Please describe any imperfections with the INTERIOR:
(Again, this is easier to do when clean. Please note the condition of the seats, carpets and trim. Also, please list any switches or functions that do not work perfectly - electrics, air conditioning, etc.)

Does the car have any MECHANICAL DEFECTS?:
(Please make any comments on how the car drives and performs. Also, please note any noises that are not normal.)

Finally, please submit any PHOTOS OF THE CAR via email to
(Photos often help increase the final value of your car.)

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