Get in the driving seat, without doing any of the hard work…
Challenge Palmdale

Would you like more of this..?

The exact car you want

Lots of helpful advice on the best car for you

A car at the right price

The car experts acting FOR you

The car delivered to your door

To put your feet up whilst we do all the work

And less of this..?

Having to go anywhere near a car dealer

Not being sure whether the car you’ve found is any good
Paying too much for the car

Being convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car

Taking time out of work to find your car
Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway

Customer reviews

“After my recent experience with Palmdale Motors I came to the very quick conclusion that you’d have to be absolutely stark raving mad to buy your next car any other way. Every now and again one comes across a service that completely fulfils the needs of its customers, and Palmdale is most definitely one of them…

…Palmdale take all (and I mean all) of the effort out of buying a car. No time-consuming trips to dealers or traders; a conditional part-exhange offer for your old car over the phone; and come the day your car is delivered to your home by their expert staff who will already have checked the vehicle with a fine tooth-comb. In my case the car eventually came from a dealership almost a hundred miles away.

As I say, you’d have to be crazy not to use Palmdale for your next car. Given that a car is a major purpose for the majority of people this relatively small outfit takes the car-buying experience to an entirely different level.”

Jonothan Posner
Fiat 500X (brand-new)

“Normally I find car buying stressful and laborious. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed the process – I felt reassured that the Palmdale crew understood what I was looking for and did a thorough search of the market to find me a couple of options to choose from.

The payment and delivery process was seamless and I’m recommending Palmdale left, right and centre. I will never go through this process again without them.”

Anna Macdonald
MINI Hatch (18 months old)

Our 6 step process

1. You tell us exactly what car you want

2. We search for every available car in the UK that fits your description

3. We negotiate with the seller

4. We make sure that the car is in excellent condition

5. We collect the car and bring it to your door

6. You enjoy your new wheels for many years to come


“Picture your perfect car – now imagine sitting back with your feet up while someone else scours the country for the ideal car and saves you a bundle of cash as well.”

Our promise to you

“I promise that you will love dealing with us or we will do all our work for free!”

Ashley Winston – Owner & Founder