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  • car finding service

    Get in the driving seat, without doing any of the hard work..
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Take the stress out of your next car purchase &
    put the car buying experts on YOUR side.

  • car finding service

    See how what we do, can help you.
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Enjoy your next Palmdale Motors car
    purchase for many years to come.


  • The exact car you want
  • Lots of helpful advice on the best car for you
  • A car at the right price
  • The car experts acting FOR you
  • The car delivered to your door
  • To put your feet up whilst we do all the work

And less of this…

  • Having to go anywhere near a car dealer
  • Not being sure whether the car you’ve found is any good
  • Paying too much for the car
  • Being convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car
  • Taking time out of work to find your car
  • Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway
  • The service provided by Palmdale has been stellar, and right from the start.

    I was very much under stress to find a new car quickly as without it, I would not have been able to commute to work. Palmdale were very reactive, providing valuable insight on the type of car

    I would need as well as the best way to finance it. In spite of the very short time frame, they managed to find the very car I was dreaming of and for a very good price.Thank you so much again, Palmdale!

    Nissan Qashqai (4 years old)
    Charlotte Gandon
  • Faced with the reality of an ageing vehicle that will fall of the ULEZ rules from 2021, we realised we needed to get a jump start on the process of getting a new car. Having read about Palmdale’s service, I gave them a call, explained what I wanted and listened to their advice. They presented us 5 options shortly thereafter and a few days after that out new car arrived in front of our door and the old one was taken away. A virtually hassle-free car purchase that saved us a great deal of time and likely secured us a better price on the vehicle we purchased. Highly recommended.

    BMW X5 Hybrid (2 years old)
    Alex Gerrard
  • We just wanted to make certain you were aware how MUCH we appreciate all you did for us. The car is EXACTLY what we dreamed of. It will ‘see us out’ very nicely!!

    It is the perfect colour, it looks so brand new that our neighbours have all assumed it was NEW. The interior is blemish free and additionally we’ve already discovered a ‘bonus’ – a second cable worth about £170 in the boot – a result!!

    We could not be more thrilled. No, we haven’t yet driven it, but we are not worried. It looks the part and Dave said it drove like a charm.

    THANKS AGAIN to all of you.

    You have made our year. It took a while, but together we managed it.

    What excellent service and what a professional organisation you are.

    With sincere gratitude.

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (3 years old)
    John Brakband
  • Buying with Palmdale was a great experience. They were quick, responsive and saved us time and money. I had the car i wanted delivered to my home within two weeks of first contact. Palmdale kept their promise to save us money on the list price, inclusive of all costs and fees. I would definitely recommend.

    Nissan Qashqai (2 years old)
    Gui Rabello
  • I had a seamless and enjoyable experience purchasing my first car in the UK, the Mercedes Benz GLC250d. Palmdale was a crucial partner in the entire process, from narrowing the vast number of options down to researching models, and to payment and delivery. I definitely appreciated their enthusiastic free advice on things like colours with best resale value, trade-offs between maintenance costs and aesthetic value. Once we decided on the GLC250, Palmdale was prompt in coming back with a shortlist as well as arranging delivery of the car from Liverpool right to my doorstep in Teddington! The other thing that sold me on Palmdale is their commitment to buy back your car that you purchased through them. I highly recommend Palmdale for anyone looking to purchase or lease their first car in the UK

    Mercedes GLC (1 year old)
    Eugene Woo
  • I requested Palmdale to search for my new car within a very short time. I needed it within 3 weeks of my arrival to the UK. I was not sure which model I wanted and they helped me with my decision which we narrowed down to a search for my BMW. They were very helpful, and very reactive. I did not need to worry about the quality of vehicle provided, I had it delivered as promised. As well, I used financing through them and it was a smooth process despite zero credit history in the UK.

    I can recommend Palmdale to new clients, you will save time and you will get your dream car.

    BMW 118i (4 years old)
    Silvia Hlinova
  • Palmdale helped us find the perfect family car when we were under really squeezed for time. They were always available when we needed them and weren’t afraid to give their opinion when asked. They brought lots of insider knowledge to the process and delivered the car earlier than our deadline and under our budget. I would definitely use them again.

    Skoda Octavia (1 year old)
    Kerry Linde
  • I decided I wanted a Super Charged Mini Cooper S (R53). I looked on Autotrader and there were loads, but I was concerned about buying a car that was over 13 years old. I had been following tweets by Dan Bevis who purchased a similar car through Palmdale.

    I gave Palmdale a call and they explained how they go about finding a car. I had to give them a list of what extras I wanted, colour, mileage, service history and budget.

    I knew the process wouldn’t be quick, as when they find a potential car, they thoroughly check the service history with the seller and amazingly go back to the garage that serviced it to find out more.

    My main contact was James Brodnicki. He phoned me every week with an update. He often sent me details on potential cars, but always said that there were better ones out there. Eventually he recommended a 55 plate R53 Checkmate.

    I have had the car for a few months now. It is a lot better than I expected and has been expertly upgraded. It has even been featured in Performance Mini. James has been in contact with me a number of times to ensure that the car met my expectations.

    I can confirm that both the car and service offered by Palmdale have exceeded my expectations.

    I am told, and I believe it, that I have one of the best R53’s in the country.

    MINI Cooper S R53 (13 years old)
    Daniel Osen
  • Absolutely over-the-moon with my new car. The team at Palmdale worked tirelessly to find what I was after – and they came up trumps! This was a considerable upscale for me, so having decided to spend-out on my new drive I wanted to be sure my cash was in safe hands. It was. Highly recommended.

    Volvo XC60 (2 years old)
    Ben Hutchins
  • Palmdale were fantastic in sourcing the exact car that I wanted. They found the vehicle to match budget with the criteria I asked for - price, age, model, colour, mileage. They also agreed to buy my old car which was approaching 500,000 miles. With no value and sensitive to me not wanting to see the vehicle scrapped, they have launched a twitter campaign to get the car the half a million mark - Thank You!

    I would deffinetly recommend Palmdale to anyone wanting to take the stress out of purchasing a car to budget.

    Citroen C3 (3 years old)
    Simon Goodey

Words from our hero: Mr. Palmdale

“Picture your perfect car – now imagine sitting back with your feet up while someone else scours the country for the ideal car and saves you a bundle of cash as well.”

Our 6 step process

  • You tell us exactly what car you want

  • We search for every available car in the UK that fits your description

  • We negotiate with the seller

  • We make sure that the car is in excellent condition

  • We collect the car and bring it to your door

  • You enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder