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  • car finding service

    Get in the driving seat, without doing any of the hard work..
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Take the stress out of your next car purchase &
    put the car buying experts on YOUR side.

  • car finding service

    See how what we do, can help you.
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Enjoy your next Palmdale Motors car
    purchase for many years to come.


  • The exact car you want
  • Lots of helpful advice on the best car for you
  • A car at the right price
  • The car experts acting FOR you
  • The car delivered to your door
  • To put your feet up whilst we do all the work

And less of this…

  • Having to go anywhere near a car dealer
  • Not being sure whether the car you’ve found is any good
  • Paying too much for the car
  • Being convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car
  • Taking time out of work to find your car
  • Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway
  • After my recent experience with Palmdale Motors I came to the very quick conclusion that you’d have to be absolutely stark raving mad to buy your next car any other way. Every now and again one comes across a service that completely fulfils the needs of its customers, and Palmdale is most definitely one of them.

    Firstly, they are experts in negotiating with car dealerships while the rest of us are mere amateurs by comparison. Before signing up with them I found this out the hard way: dealers advertising non-existent cars just to draw the customer in, or else blatantly misrepresenting the true mileage of the advertised car. ( for example, by “forgetting” to change an out-dated advertisement.) Palmdale know all these ‘tricks' as they deal car showrooms and dealerships day in and day out.

    Secondly, it quickly became clear that, being professionals, they can reach the parts of the motor trade that us mere mortals have no hope of reaching. In this way they were able to source the car I wanted with just delivery mileage – and, due to their presumed negotiating skills, at a considerable saving on list price. This made the commission that Palmdale charge seem almost insignificant as it was paid for several times over by not only the final price of my car but also because they’d found exactly the car that I wanted when I hadn't been able to.

    Thirdly, for all intents and purposes, Palmdale Motors may as well have invented the phrase “nothing is too much trouble.” They are almost fanatical about offering and delivering the very best service they can. Always helpful, always there for you, they are untiring in their efforts to please. And if the car is a difficult and time-consuming one to find (as mine was) it’s almost as if they relish the challenge even more.

    Finally, Palmdale take all (and I mean all) of the effort out of buying a car. No time-consuming trips to dealers or traders; a conditional part-exhange offer for your old car over the phone; and come the day your car is delivered to your home by their expert staff who will already have checked the vehicle with a fine tooth-comb. In my case the car eventually came from a dealership almost a hundred miles away.

    As I say, you’d have to be crazy not to use Palmdale for your next car. Given that a car is a major purpose for the majority of people this relatively small outfit takes the car-buying experience to an entirely different level.

    Fiat 500X (brand-new)
    Jonathan Posner
  • My car changing experience has been absolutely what I had hoped for and 100% in line with what is offered by everyone at Palmdale I have had contact with, right from my very first enquiry. Heartfelt thanks to James for his unfailing optimism and courteousness on phone and email.

    Thanks to Dave your driver too who made the whole document changeover process very simple. I rather think he very much enjoyed the drive up in my lovely car.

    Ashley was super helpful with the disposal of my Jaguar XJ6 so big thanks to him also.

    Delighted with the whole process and will be recommending Palmdale to anyone I come across in similar situation.

    Mercedes S-Class (2 years old)
    Peter Godfrey
  • I read about them in the FT ages ago and kept their number. Buying a car is always a hassle I could do without. These guys gave me options to the car I originally wanted, then we spec’d it out and they went and scoured the market and then delivered exactly what I wanted. Stress free. Highly recommend.

    Volvo XC60 (6 months old)
    Normal Renshaw
  • Palmdale Motors were recommended to me, and I would recommend them to others, especially if, like me, you can drive a car, but have no idea about anything else. They kept me updated of their progress finding a car and were very flexible with any additional requirements I needed to add (including changing my mind about the colour!). They were also able to deliver the car to me in Durham. I have been using the car for 3 months now and I love it. They clearly did their due diligence and research to find such a high standard of car for the price. I have had no problems and both the interior and exterior of the car are in excellent condition, and the car and their help is worth every penny!

    MINI Countryman (5 years old)
    Gabrielle Burton
  • I'm an Australian living in Paris and was after a car that I could take back to Australia with me at the end of my posting. I had decided on a RHD BMW M5 and started exploring the UK used car market. I soon realised that I didn’t have the time or knowledge to do this properly whilst also minimising any risk. I did my research and reached out to Palmdale for help.

    I was fortunate to be looked after by James Brodnicki. I’m quite fussy and was after a clean and well maintained car. James provided me with a shortlist in a couple of days based on my spec and other preferences. One car stood out in particular and after having the team inspect it for me, the deal was done and the car was mine the following week. I had planned on picking up the car personally initially but was too busy at work and the logistics were difficult. Not a problem for Palmdale with James picking up the car from the dealer and delivering it to my doorstep in central Paris on the weekend; all at a price cheaper than I would have cost me to pick it up. The car was as described and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

    Palmdale’s after sales service was also exceptional and much needed. The French bureaucratic process to register the car in France has been long and frustrating and I wouldn’t have been able to resister the car here without their post-sale assistance. Their relationship with the BMW dealer and help to source all the hard to obtain esoteric paperwork (including a sale transfer form in French!) required by the French authorities was invaluable.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and my experience with Palmdale has been very positive.

    BMW M5 (5 years old)
    Paul Korganow
  • The Palmdale team were very thorough and kept me informed during the search a car. It took a while but they found exactly what I was after at a good price. Thoroughly recommended.

    BMW 320d (1 year old)
    Tim Smith
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for making the process of buying a car seem effortless. In particular, l would like to thank James Brodnicki who, every step of the way, made the whole experience completely stress free.

    The service that you provide from the initial enquiry to delivery of the vehicle, is faultless. You understood exactly what I was looking for and wasted no time in getting everything moving very quickly. I was under a lot stress to find a new car after my previous car was written off by my insurance company, but there was no need to be. The speed at which you narrowed the search to 3 cars and then proceeded with the purchase of the car I had chosen, meant that I was only without a car for one day. Your customer service is truly something to shout about!!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to anyone who is looking to buy a car.

    Nissan Juke (3 years old)
    Robyn Woolf
  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support in helping me find a car for my husband.

    Initially this was such a stressful situation as our car was stolen but I truly felt I could put my trust in you to find a car. I have absolutely no idea about cars but my knowledge has widened. Thank you for keeping me updated throughout. Dave the driver who delivered the car was extremely helpful too.

    I was pleased to hear that we were a part of Palmdale if we had any questions or concerns . Thank you all for making this such a positive experience.

    Best Wishes

    Vauxhall Corsa (4 years old)
    Mary Ainger
  • I contacted Palmdale having read reviews, both online and in The Telegraph, and they didn’t disappoint.

    Having told Palmdale what I was looking for, they sourced my car and ran all the checks while I could relax in the knowledge that they would find the right car for me – and sure enough, they did.

    They were in regular contact with me throughout the search process and gave excellent advice on the cars that were sourced.

    When my car was being delivered their driver contacted me to let me know his progress.

    They then telephoned me a few days later to make sure I am happy with the car and I know Palmdale are there for me if I have any queries any time in the future.

    It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Palmdale and I can’t sing their praises highly enough. I’ll be recommending them to my friends – and in fact have done so already!

    Thank you Palmdale for such personal and professional service.

    Volkswagen Golf (3 years old)
    Pauline Foley
  • I am quite a savvy shopper and do my research but a friend told me he used Palmdale to help him find a car and he recommended them to me. I gave them a go and I must say they do really do a what they claim to do. They are knowledgeable and endeavour to find the best car at the agreed price with the specified requirements. They got me a better deal than I could have found for myself, even with after their own cut. On top of that they take the hassle out of shopping for a car and deliver it right to your door. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others and will certainly use them again in the future.

    Tesla Model S (3 years old)
    Babinder Samra

Words from our hero: Mr. Palmdale

“Picture your perfect car – now imagine sitting back with your feet up while someone else scours the country for the ideal car and saves you a bundle of cash as well.”

Our 6 step process

  • You tell us exactly what car you want

  • We search for every available car in the UK that fits your description

  • We negotiate with the seller

  • We make sure that the car is in excellent condition

  • We collect the car and bring it to your door

  • You enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder