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  • car finding service

    Get in the driving seat, without doing any of the hard work..
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Take the stress out of your next car purchase &
    put the car buying experts on YOUR side.

  • car finding service

    See how what we do, can help you.
    Challenge Palmdale

  • car finding service

    Enjoy your next Palmdale Motors car
    purchase for many years to come.


  • The exact car you want
  • Lots of helpful advice on the best car for you
  • A car at the right price
  • The car experts acting FOR you
  • The car delivered to your door
  • To put your feet up whilst we do all the work

And less of this…

  • Having to go anywhere near a car dealer
  • Not being sure whether the car you’ve found is any good
  • Paying too much for the car
  • Being convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car
  • Taking time out of work to find your car
  • Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway
  • Thank you for your help in getting our car - taking the hassle of negotiating and finding the car was well worth the fee, thank you, which was also made up with your negotiations. James also went out of the way to fix a couple of issues along the way that I wouldn't even have noticed. Great service.

    Volkswagen Golf (4 years old)
    James Carter
  • Palmdale make the process of buying a used car as risk-free and easy as you could hope for. To say they point you in the right direction would not be fair – with their guidance you agree together what the best direction is, then they take the journey for you and come back with your dream car. You just stay put and look forward to it being delivered.

    BMW X5 (4 years old)
    Jonathan Barton
  • I want to thank Palmdale for helping me buy a new car. I was suffering from the car sales person syndrome! Buying a car with Palmdale’s on my side was a pleasurable experience. They listened and delivered what I specified both within my budget and their own self set timetable. They were always there to listen, answer my concerns and to do all the work I had dreaded. Paying was almost a pleasure. Their after sale service continues at the same level. What more can I say.

    Skoda Octavia (1 year old)
    Anthony King-Cline
  • I asked the Palmdale Team to find me a pristine car for my commute in London, we discussed what my needs and priorities were and they came up with a great selection, presented in a way that was really clear and easy for me to choose from. The process was clear and thoughtful and I felt they really listened to what my needs were and adjusted the search when my requirements changed. The car they found was so much better than what I was hoping to get and is a real joy to drive, What a great result! Thank you!

    Volkswagen Golf (3 years old)
    Tamara Igboebisiokwu
  • Palmdale recently sourced me a Toyota Land Cruiser. They are relatively rare cars in the UK and Palmdale were helpful and knowledgeable from the beginning; making clear what challenges might be encountered with finding a good quality example that fit the required specifications and budget. They kept me informed of their progress throughout and were always on hand if I had any questions. This was the first time I had used a car buying service, but their knowledge and quality of service was excellent and gave me a lot of confidence. The process worked exactly as had been outlined at the beginning and I couldn’t be happier with the car that they found. Initially, I contacted Palmdale as I needed the car on short notice but didn’t have time to search, however I’m in no doubt that their expertise helped me acquire a better car than I could have found myself. I have really appreciated their level of aftercare, checking in to see how the car was performing after a few weeks as well as offering continued assistance if I have any questions or issues in the future. The overall experience was excellent, and I will happily recommend Palmdale to others and use them again in future.

    Toyota Land Cruiser (6 years old)
    David Hawkins
  • Palmdale sourced two cars for my wife and me. We were very particular about the spec for each car.

    They worked very hard to find exactly the right cars for us - in both specification and price. Ashley explained the process clearly, and James ran the searches. He gave regular progress reports, was knowledgeable about different specifications, alternatives and dealers, and if ever there was a question he didn’t know the answer to he always researched and came back promptly with an answer. Importantly Palmdale like cars, enjoy talking about cars, and educating people about cars.

    They were always extremely helpful, always had time for us, always picked up the phone promptly and were courteous, polite and engaging. No request was ever too much. We felt we could trust them to look after us and guide us through the tricky process of buying the right cars.

    Palmdale are rightly proud of the outstanding levels of service and delivery they provide. We would certainly not have found the quality and specification of car they found, and their knowledge and experience gave us the confidence that we were spending our money on the right cars. I strongly recommend Palmdale, and would certainly use them again.

    BMW X3 (4 years old) + BMW 6-Series (3 years old)
    David Wightman
  • I had a good idea of what car I wanted but after trawling through the internet could only locate cars in very inconvenient places. This would have involved travelling long distances by public transport or involving another person to drive me to the dealer where the car was located. In addition, I did not feel comfortable negotiating a deal having travelled so far with a disinclination to walk away from the purchase, only to repeat the process again. Also I am not a skilled negotiator.

    This is where Palmdale come in.

    I contacted their representative, James, who comprehensively captured my requirements and explained the fee structure. He explained that it is usually possible for Palmdale to secure a vehicle at price that would offset the fees.

    Palmdale worked assiduously to locate the right vehicle at the right price and a deal was struck with a dealer some 140 miles from my house. I approved the purchase. The price negotiated did offset all of Palmdale fees.

    The car was then checked over and driven to my house by a Palmdale employee.

    During the whole process Palmdale provided a thorough service and met all of my expectations.

    I do not hesitate in recommending Palmdale to anyone who is contemplating purchasing a car in the future.

    Mercedes E250 (3 years old)
    Joseph Cotter
  • I should like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the professional way in which Palmdale Motors obtained my new car. Despite the fact that I asked for the rather unusual Audi A4 S-Line 190 bhp, you took great pains to find the ideal vehicle, and not only that but it was in the specal order colour of metallic silver grey that I was hoping for.You kept me fully informed and involved at every stage, and the icing on the cake was that your final price was £2,500 less than the forecourt price. Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted with the car.
    David Mayer
  • Thanks again for your services in regard to sourcing a suitable vehicle for our family. We’re very happy with the car and it was a pleasure to deal with someone so professional and courteous. I will certainly recommend your services to others.
    Mark Warbrooken
  • I have no hesitation in recommending Ashley’s ‘Car Finder’ service. The process was clear, smooth and felt safe. Finding the right car at our price took about 2 weeks, and professional negotiation and delivery by Ashley took 10 more days. Some minor glitches with the seller were well handled. Sadly the traffic round Manchester proved somewhat trickier! The car drives beautifully and is in good condition, pretty much as advertised and no unexpected or major faults. Thank you Ashley and Palmdale . . . Vroom vroom . . .
    Dr Mark Thornton

Words from our hero: Mr. Palmdale

“Picture your perfect car – now imagine sitting back with your feet up while someone else scours the country for the ideal car and saves you a bundle of cash as well.”

Our 6 step process

  • You tell us exactly what car you want

  • We search for every available car in the UK that fits your description

  • We negotiate with the seller

  • We make sure that the car is in excellent condition

  • We collect the car and bring it to your door

  • You enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder

  • “I promise that you will love dealing with us AND save
    money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!”

    -ASHLEY WINSTON, owner & founder