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  • After my recent experience with Palmdale Motors I came to the very quick conclusion that you’d have to be absolutely stark raving mad to buy your next car any other way. Every now and again one comes across a service that completely fulfils the needs of its customers, and Palmdale is most definitely one of them.

    Firstly, they are experts in negotiating with car dealerships while the rest of us are mere amateurs by comparison. Before signing up with them I found this out the hard way: dealers advertising non-existent cars just to draw the customer in, or else blatantly misrepresenting the true mileage of the advertised car. ( for example, by “forgetting” to change an out-dated advertisement.) Palmdale know all these ‘tricks' as they deal car showrooms and dealerships day in and day out.

    Secondly, it quickly became clear that, being professionals, they can reach the parts of the motor trade that us mere mortals have no hope of reaching. In this way they were able to source the car I wanted with just delivery mileage – and, due to their presumed negotiating skills, at a considerable saving on list price. This made the commission that Palmdale charge seem almost insignificant as it was paid for several times over by not only the final price of my car but also because they’d found exactly the car that I wanted when I hadn't been able to.

    Thirdly, for all intents and purposes, Palmdale Motors may as well have invented the phrase “nothing is too much trouble.” They are almost fanatical about offering and delivering the very best service they can. Always helpful, always there for you, they are untiring in their efforts to please. And if the car is a difficult and time-consuming one to find (as mine was) it’s almost as if they relish the challenge even more.

    Finally, Palmdale take all (and I mean all) of the effort out of buying a car. No time-consuming trips to dealers or traders; a conditional part-exhange offer for your old car over the phone; and come the day your car is delivered to your home by their expert staff who will already have checked the vehicle with a fine tooth-comb. In my case the car eventually came from a dealership almost a hundred miles away.

    As I say, you’d have to be crazy not to use Palmdale for your next car. Given that a car is a major purpose for the majority of people this relatively small outfit takes the car-buying experience to an entirely different level.

    Fiat 500X (brand-new)
    Jonathan Posner
  • Thank you so very for your help making this incredibly easy. WE absolutely love the car! You know your automobiles, that's for sure, but the customer service was more than I'd expected and worth every cent. Thanks again!

    BMW X5 (5 years old)
    Neil Raymond
  • I have used Palmdale for a number of years. They sourced a new car for me some years ago with a dealer discount, when all dealers I spoke to said no discounts were being offered. Since then I have recommended them to friends and colleagues numerous times with universal positive feedback. I recently contacted them with a request for a nearly new specific model and part exchange of an existing car. Clear options were provided in a couple of days, decisions made and both new car and part exchange went ahead smoothly without hitch and at a considerable saving to what I could have achieved myself. Palmdale have thought of everything. Service and advice is second to none and the stress and uncertainly of car buying completely removed. With their no benefit, no pay, guarantee, I cannot recommend Palmdale more highly.

    Volkswagen Tiguan (6 months old)
    Lawrence Radley
  • Normally I find car buying stressful and laborious. This is the first time I've enjoyed the process - I felt reassured that the Palmdale crew understood what I was looking for and did a thorough search of the market to find me a couple of options to choose from. The payment and delivery process was seamless and I'm recommending Palmdale left, right and centre. I will never go through this process again without them.

    MINI Hatch (18 months old)
    Anna Macdonald
  • Purchasing a car though Palmdale Motors was brilliant from start to finish. The team, James in particular who was in charge of my purchase, were professional, conscientious, polite and above all patient. It was the first time I had ever purchased a car so I was was very appreciative that Palmdale walked me through every step of the process in forensic detail. I was kept abreast of every development in the search, purchase, collection and delivery of my car. Do not hesitate to use Palmdale, they are the real deal.

    Toyota Auris (6 years old)
    Richard Allman-Brown
  • Please pass on my thanks to your team for the excellent service and total professionalism exhibited throughout the sourcing of a replacement car for me. The sound advice and continual updates were greatly appreciated but never intrusive and I do believe that you have once again shown that buying a new or used car through Palmdale is the only sensible approach.

    Not only that, the aftersales service has been second to none and illustrates not only your passion for your business but also for your customers.

    Well done. I hope to be back to you for either myself or any recommendations l can find.

    BMW 3-Series (7 years old)
    Adrian Dayne
  • I had a great experience with Palmdale, from beginning to end. I had very little idea of what kind of car I wanted when I first contacted them, and I had a lot of conflicting thoughts. They patiently listened to my requirements and preferences and suggested that I try a BMW i3, a car I would never have put on my short list. This ended up being the perfect choice for me and my wife. The Palmdale team helped me narrow down specifications, then found the perfect car, negotiated a great deal, and delivered it to me at home. We are absolutely thrilled with our car, and Palmdale made the whole process transparent and painless. Thanks!

    BMW i3 (3 months old)
    Ashish Ranpura
  • Buying our car with Palmdale has been a great experience and we will certainly ask them next time we need a car. Basically you tell them what you want and they go and find it, make sure the car is in perfect condition, guide you through the paperwork and deliver it to your doorstep. Even better, their (very reasonable) fee is more than covered by the savings you make on the car, as they have the expertise to find best deals and negotiate with dealers. Having been through lots of international relocations and dealt with all kinds of “service” providers who just take your money and do not provide a real service, it is refreshing to find people like Palmdale who are really good at what they do and take clients as someone they would like to see again. They certainly will.

    Audi Q3 (6 months old)
    David M-V
  • A new addition to the family meant I needed a new car quickly but had no time to hunt for one or find a buyer for mine. A friend recommended Palmdale and it was the perfect solution. The guys found me exactly the car I wanted at the price I wanted delivered it to my door. They also took my old one away having given me a fair valuation.

    Communication was excellent throughout and I'm really pleased with the new car. Would definitely use again and highly recommend their services.

    Mazda CX-5 (3 years old)
    Chris Kelly
  • Thank you for doing the background review to find a well-looked after vehicle for our family. I appreciate your patience as we were new to the UK and had multiple questions about the vehicle purchase process. You and your team were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend your service to locals and expats!

    Nissan X-Trail (4 years old)
    Greg Caesar
  • Palmdale was a pleasure to work with - they were able to find a great selection of cars that worked for me, allowing me to find exactly the vehicle I wanted. Delivery was seamless, the car was exactly as promised and the follow-on service has been exemplary.

    Audi S5 (3 years old)
    Jeffrey Stone
  • My car changing experience has been absolutely what I had hoped for and 100% in line with what is offered by everyone at Palmdale I have had contact with, right from my very first enquiry. Heartfelt thanks to James for his unfailing optimism and courteousness on phone and email.

    Thanks to Dave your driver too who made the whole document changeover process very simple. I rather think he very much enjoyed the drive up in my lovely car.

    Ashley was super helpful with the disposal of my Jaguar XJ6 so big thanks to him also.

    Delighted with the whole process and will be recommending Palmdale to anyone I come across in similar situation.

    Mercedes S-Class (2 years old)
    Peter Godfrey
  • I read about them in the FT ages ago and kept their number. Buying a car is always a hassle I could do without. These guys gave me options to the car I originally wanted, then we spec’d it out and they went and scoured the market and then delivered exactly what I wanted. Stress free. Highly recommend.

    Volvo XC60 (6 months old)
    Norman Renshaw
  • Palmdale Motors were recommended to me, and I would recommend them to others, especially if, like me, you can drive a car, but have no idea about anything else. They kept me updated of their progress finding a car and were very flexible with any additional requirements I needed to add (including changing my mind about the colour!). They were also able to deliver the car to me in Durham. I have been using the car for 3 months now and I love it. They clearly did their due diligence and research to find such a high standard of car for the price. I have had no problems and both the interior and exterior of the car are in excellent condition, and the car and their help is worth every penny!

    MINI Countryman (5 years old)
    Gabrielle Burton
  • I'm an Australian living in Paris and was after a car that I could take back to Australia with me at the end of my posting. I had decided on a RHD BMW M5 and started exploring the UK used car market. I soon realised that I didn’t have the time or knowledge to do this properly whilst also minimising any risk. I did my research and reached out to Palmdale for help.

    I was fortunate to be looked after by James Brodnicki. I’m quite fussy and was after a clean and well maintained car. James provided me with a shortlist in a couple of days based on my spec and other preferences. One car stood out in particular and after having the team inspect it for me, the deal was done and the car was mine the following week. I had planned on picking up the car personally initially but was too busy at work and the logistics were difficult. Not a problem for Palmdale with James picking up the car from the dealer and delivering it to my doorstep in central Paris on the weekend; all at a price cheaper than I would have cost me to pick it up. The car was as described and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

    Palmdale’s after sales service was also exceptional and much needed. The French bureaucratic process to register the car in France has been long and frustrating and I wouldn’t have been able to resister the car here without their post-sale assistance. Their relationship with the BMW dealer and help to source all the hard to obtain esoteric paperwork (including a sale transfer form in French!) required by the French authorities was invaluable.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and my experience with Palmdale has been very positive.

    BMW M5 (5 years old)
    Paul Korganow
  • The Palmdale team were very thorough and kept me informed during the search a car. It took a while but they found exactly what I was after at a good price. Thoroughly recommended.

    BMW 320d (1 year old)
    Tim Smith
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for making the process of buying a car seem effortless. In particular, l would like to thank James Brodnicki who, every step of the way, made the whole experience completely stress free.

    The service that you provide from the initial enquiry to delivery of the vehicle, is faultless. You understood exactly what I was looking for and wasted no time in getting everything moving very quickly. I was under a lot stress to find a new car after my previous car was written off by my insurance company, but there was no need to be. The speed at which you narrowed the search to 3 cars and then proceeded with the purchase of the car I had chosen, meant that I was only without a car for one day. Your customer service is truly something to shout about!!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to anyone who is looking to buy a car.

    Nissan Juke (3 years old)
    Robyn Woolf
  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support in helping me find a car for my husband.

    Initially this was such a stressful situation as our car was stolen but I truly felt I could put my trust in you to find a car. I have absolutely no idea about cars but my knowledge has widened. Thank you for keeping me updated throughout. Dave the driver who delivered the car was extremely helpful too.

    I was pleased to hear that we were a part of Palmdale if we had any questions or concerns . Thank you all for making this such a positive experience.

    Best Wishes

    Vauxhall Corsa (4 years old)
    Mary Ainger
  • I contacted Palmdale having read reviews, both online and in The Telegraph, and they didn’t disappoint.

    Having told Palmdale what I was looking for, they sourced my car and ran all the checks while I could relax in the knowledge that they would find the right car for me – and sure enough, they did.

    They were in regular contact with me throughout the search process and gave excellent advice on the cars that were sourced.

    When my car was being delivered their driver contacted me to let me know his progress.

    They then telephoned me a few days later to make sure I am happy with the car and I know Palmdale are there for me if I have any queries any time in the future.

    It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Palmdale and I can’t sing their praises highly enough. I’ll be recommending them to my friends – and in fact have done so already!

    Thank you Palmdale for such personal and professional service.

    Volkswagen Golf (3 years old)
    Pauline Foley
  • I am quite a savvy shopper and do my research but a friend told me he used Palmdale to help him find a car and he recommended them to me. I gave them a go and I must say they do really do a what they claim to do. They are knowledgeable and endeavour to find the best car at the agreed price with the specified requirements. They got me a better deal than I could have found for myself, even with after their own cut. On top of that they take the hassle out of shopping for a car and deliver it right to your door. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others and will certainly use them again in the future.

    Tesla Model S (3 years old)
    Babinder Samra
  • The service provided by Palmdale has been stellar, and right from the start.

    I was very much under stress to find a new car quickly as without it, I would not have been able to commute to work. Palmdale were very reactive, providing valuable insight on the type of car

    I would need as well as the best way to finance it. In spite of the very short time frame, they managed to find the very car I was dreaming of and for a very good price.Thank you so much again, Palmdale!

    Nissan Qashqai (4 years old)
    Charlotte Gandon
  • Faced with the reality of an ageing vehicle that will fall of the ULEZ rules from 2021, we realised we needed to get a jump start on the process of getting a new car. Having read about Palmdale’s service, I gave them a call, explained what I wanted and listened to their advice. They presented us 5 options shortly thereafter and a few days after that out new car arrived in front of our door and the old one was taken away. A virtually hassle-free car purchase that saved us a great deal of time and likely secured us a better price on the vehicle we purchased. Highly recommended.

    BMW X5 Hybrid (2 years old)
    Alex Gerrard
  • We just wanted to make certain you were aware how MUCH we appreciate all you did for us. The car is EXACTLY what we dreamed of. It will ‘see us out’ very nicely!!

    It is the perfect colour, it looks so brand new that our neighbours have all assumed it was NEW. The interior is blemish free and additionally we’ve already discovered a ‘bonus’ – a second cable worth about £170 in the boot – a result!!

    We could not be more thrilled. No, we haven’t yet driven it, but we are not worried. It looks the part and Dave said it drove like a charm.

    THANKS AGAIN to all of you.

    You have made our year. It took a while, but together we managed it.

    What excellent service and what a professional organisation you are.

    With sincere gratitude.

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (3 years old)
    John Brakband
  • Buying with Palmdale was a great experience. They were quick, responsive and saved us time and money. I had the car i wanted delivered to my home within two weeks of first contact. Palmdale kept their promise to save us money on the list price, inclusive of all costs and fees. I would definitely recommend.

    Nissan Qashqai (2 years old)
    Gui Rabello
  • I had a seamless and enjoyable experience purchasing my first car in the UK, the Mercedes Benz GLC250d. Palmdale was a crucial partner in the entire process, from narrowing the vast number of options down to researching models, and to payment and delivery. I definitely appreciated their enthusiastic free advice on things like colours with best resale value, trade-offs between maintenance costs and aesthetic value. Once we decided on the GLC250, Palmdale was prompt in coming back with a shortlist as well as arranging delivery of the car from Liverpool right to my doorstep in Teddington! The other thing that sold me on Palmdale is their commitment to buy back your car that you purchased through them. I highly recommend Palmdale for anyone looking to purchase or lease their first car in the UK

    Mercedes GLC (1 year old)
    Eugene Woo
  • I requested Palmdale to search for my new car within a very short time. I needed it within 3 weeks of my arrival to the UK. I was not sure which model I wanted and they helped me with my decision which we narrowed down to a search for my BMW. They were very helpful, and very reactive. I did not need to worry about the quality of vehicle provided, I had it delivered as promised. As well, I used financing through them and it was a smooth process despite zero credit history in the UK.

    I can recommend Palmdale to new clients, you will save time and you will get your dream car.

    BMW 118i (4 years old)
    Silvia Hlinova
  • Palmdale helped us find the perfect family car when we were under really squeezed for time. They were always available when we needed them and weren’t afraid to give their opinion when asked. They brought lots of insider knowledge to the process and delivered the car earlier than our deadline and under our budget. I would definitely use them again.

    Skoda Octavia (1 year old)
    Kerry Linde
  • I decided I wanted a Super Charged Mini Cooper S (R53). I looked on Autotrader and there were loads, but I was concerned about buying a car that was over 13 years old. I had been following tweets by Dan Bevis who purchased a similar car through Palmdale.

    I gave Palmdale a call and they explained how they go about finding a car. I had to give them a list of what extras I wanted, colour, mileage, service history and budget.

    I knew the process wouldn’t be quick, as when they find a potential car, they thoroughly check the service history with the seller and amazingly go back to the garage that serviced it to find out more.

    My main contact was James Brodnicki. He phoned me every week with an update. He often sent me details on potential cars, but always said that there were better ones out there. Eventually he recommended a 55 plate R53 Checkmate.

    I have had the car for a few months now. It is a lot better than I expected and has been expertly upgraded. It has even been featured in Performance Mini. James has been in contact with me a number of times to ensure that the car met my expectations.

    I can confirm that both the car and service offered by Palmdale have exceeded my expectations.

    I am told, and I believe it, that I have one of the best R53’s in the country.

    MINI Cooper S R53 (13 years old)
    Daniel Osen
  • Absolutely over-the-moon with my new car. The team at Palmdale worked tirelessly to find what I was after – and they came up trumps! This was a considerable upscale for me, so having decided to spend-out on my new drive I wanted to be sure my cash was in safe hands. It was. Highly recommended.

    Volvo XC60 (2 years old)
    Ben Hutchins
  • Palmdale were fantastic in sourcing the exact car that I wanted. They found the vehicle to match budget with the criteria I asked for - price, age, model, colour, mileage. They also agreed to buy my old car which was approaching 500,000 miles. With no value and sensitive to me not wanting to see the vehicle scrapped, they have launched a twitter campaign to get the car the half a million mark - Thank You!

    I would deffinetly recommend Palmdale to anyone wanting to take the stress out of purchasing a car to budget.

    Citroen C3 (3 years old)
    Simon Goodey
  • Palmdale provided a fantastic service in sourcing a car for export to Ireland. Whenever there was a snag, not only did they communicate promptly, they also had solutions at the ready. Very professional outfit with an incredible knack for finding amazing cars!

    Mercedes CLA (3 years old)
    Avril Ní Mhathúna
  • I contacted Palmdale having failed to acquire a car through a dealership which kept presenting me with vehicles that failed to match my specification. Palmdale in under two weeks from initial contact to delivery sourced exactly what I was looking for – a second hand VW Golf SV manual, petrol and low mileage – and what is more delivered it on a Saturday morning so that I had it for the Monday bank holiday weekend. I should add that Palmdale was also prepared to take my 20year old car in exchange so that I did not have the hassle of having to get rid of it myself. I would happily recommend their services to others.

    Volkswagen Golf SV (2 years old)
    Virginia Holmes
  • Two years and four months ago I contacted Palmdale saying that we, my husband and I were looking for a new car. What I hadn’t taken into account when I emailed them then was how long it would take me to get my 6’4” husband and 6’5” son to come car shopping with me……………….So this year I managed it, getting the tall and lanky individuals to see which cars they could fit into. My husband has long legs and my son has a particularly long body, both of which seem to be impediments to fitting into most cars.

    Once we had found this miracle of automobile space – the Skoda Octavia, I asked Palmdale to find us a car. We are most definitely not petrol heads; we know nothing about cars other than driving them so Palmdale’s car finding service is brilliant. They came up with a short list of four cars within the parameters we set, we then selected the one that had most of the requirements we needed and hey presto, with little effort on our part the car was delivered to our door, clean, MOT’d and with a short ‘show us how it all works’ hand over the new four wheeled Octavia was ours.

    Thank you Palmdale for making this process so easy for us, I have no hesitation in recommending the Palmdale team and their wonderful customer service.

    Skoda Octavia (3 year old)
    Rowena Vaughan
  • I was looking to import a 1yr old Ford Mondeo ST Line from the UK but was apprehensive of dealing direct with dealers and wasn’t sure of the processes involved.

    Palmdale came highly recommended through a friend of mine who had used them to import his own car.

    My mind was put at ease from the start of the process with the initial phone conversation.

    I was informed of the various steps it would take to obtain the car I required. From agreeing on the overall spec of the car to the options available for the delivery. The commercials were explained very clearly from the outset.

    The entire process was handled very professionally and was completed within 2 weeks with the car delivered to Ireland with the least amount of fuss.

    It was a pleasure to deal with Palmdale. Special mention must go to Dave the delivery driver who carried out the inspection and the delivered the car to Dublin.

    I have recommended Palmdale to a few of my friends and colleagues and would have no hesitation in using Palmdale for future purchases.

    Ford Mondeo (1 year old)
    Don Wolfe
  • I certainly recommend the team at Palmdale, they searched the market for me and presented me with various options till we found the right one, then negotiated a discount off the sale price with the dealer and ensured that it was fully serviced and in top shape before delivering it to my door. The team were really helpful and updated me regularly throughout. They took the pain out of buying a car and the challenge of going direct to the dealers.

    Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (3 years old)
    Jason Bilimoria
  • I would 100% recommend using Palmdale. I’d never bought a car before, so went into the process clueless and worried. The team at Palmdale first listened to what I needed and then advised me on what to get. Less than a fortnight later my VW Golf arrived. It’s in fantastic condition and came at a great price. It was completely stress free as I always felt the team were on my side.

    Volkswagen Golf (4 years old)
    Harry Dromey
  • My name is Amith Singh. I arrived in the UK in March 2019 upon acceptance of a job offer from Siemens in Newcastle upon Tyne. Being new to the country, I had no credit history and found it rather difficult to obtain finance for a motor vehicle until I was introduced to Palmdale Motors.

    To my surprise, they responded almost immediately to my request by getting in touch with me. The process was discussed and documentation followed the next day. With that, they arranged finance for me and assigned one of their team to take care of the car search on my behalf. Within a week, I had a shortlist to choose from and although this was to the specifications I had requested, they went out on another search to ensure that I received the best car out there in the market. Once this was done, the finance deal was closed and the car was delivered to me in a week, followed by the registration documents a week later in the post.

    During this entire time I was receiving regular calls from my contacts ensuring that I was kept in the loop of proceedings. They went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable wit the deal and the car when delivered. Their approach to customer approach and satisfaction is commendable.

    Needless to state, I am very delighted with my new car and the special attention received from Palmdale so much so that I have no reservations in recommending Palmdale Motors to my friends and colleagues. This experience epitomises customer service.

    Thank you for a smooth, painless experience and for putting me at ease throughout our journey together. With best regards

    Nissan Qashqai (2 years old)
    Amith Singh
  • It's the first time I've used Palmdale, but it certainly won't be the last. Very practical, efficient and helpful advice on selecting and sourcing a good value car to suit my family. Their expertise is coupled with terrific attention to service. 100% recommend.

    Kia Niro (18 months old)
    Russel Levi
  • Many thanks for all your help in taking my old car and locating a replacement so promptly. I am very pleased with the new car.

    From memory, this is the fourth similar transaction you have organised on my behalf. Each of them went through quickly and smoothly and at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

    I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others and will certainly use your services in the future.

    Thanks again and best wishes.

    Mercedes B200 (18 months old)
    Michael Roberts
  • I knew roughly what I wanted and I had the money but didn’t have the time or the market knowledge. After one call everything was under control and I had a brilliant car on the drive two weeks later.

    A great friendly efficient service.

    BMW 330e (2 years old)
    Willie Wardrop
  • I run my own business so time is a precious commodity. I am also well versed with the concept of risk. By appointing Palmdale I overcame both problems. What gave me even more confidence was the professionalism of their Service in both the vehicle location and delivery phases. It didn’t stop there, I also found that as a car enthusiast I was dealing with kindred spirits, who were on my side. Did they find the right Jaguar for me, and am I pleased with the vehicle they delivered, the answer is definitely yes. And yes I would use their service again.

    Jaguar XF (7 years old)
    Steve Mitchell
  • After reading the positive feedback by car enthusiasts on various different forums, I decided to take a modest leap of faith and let Palmdale handle everything for me.

    I gave them a fairly challenging task but they were patient and enthusiastic throughout the process. Their regular phone updates were detailed and personal which made the anticipation more comfortable. I now have the exact car I wanted and at a great price.

    In my opinion, the best type of expert is the person who does their hobby for a living. That's why I trust them - this is clearly their passion.

    Jaguar XE (4 years old)
    Mark Sanger
  • We used Palmdale to buy a Golf Estate – we were recommended to them by a friend. It’s an excellent service and a very easy way of buying a car – I’m sure we’ve ended up with a better car for the money than if we’d have done it all ourselves. They even replaced two of the tyres on the car as they were a bit worn – in no way required, but a very nice touch. Would definitely use again when we need to replace or upgrade the car.

    Volkswagen Golf Estate (4 years old)
    Andy Donald
  • I went from being very apprehensive and unsure of using a car brokering agency to being totally sold on the idea after dealing with Palmdale.

    The whole process and experience from the first phone call with Ashley to the safe delivery of my new car a BMW 520d GT M Sport, was most pleasant and highly professional with no cause for concerns at any point.

    I gave Palmdale quite a strict spec which they documented and got signed off by both parties. I was so impressed to see that they stuck to the brief and I wasn’t pestered with lists of near matches or time-wasting alternatives. I received timely and honest feedback of their progress and searches on a weekly basis from one of the agents, James B who was assigned to handle my account and he kept me informed every step of the way.

    The T& Cs and commercials were very transparent and clear and I knew upfront what was being paid for, how and when etc. True their words the price I paid for the car was indeed impressively less than the advertised price.

    The dedication, commitment and professionalism of the driver, Dave, is highly commended. Dave travelled all the way to Wales to inspect the car and drove it back despite the horrible threatening storms on the day, eventually delivering the car to my house that evening. I learnt a lot from Dave about the car and his passion and enthusiasm for cars, in general, was quite infectious.

    A week after delivery I got a call from Ashely basically following up and asking if everything was ok and further offering the continued support and assistance for any queries and questions I may have regarding the car or cars in general! Priceless!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use Palmdale again in future

    BMW 5-Series GT (4 years old)
    Jon Ade
  • Palmdale made the whole process of buying our new car easy and stress free. I had read an article in the press recommending them and it seemed an ideal solution to source and find a new car quickly and provide value for money. They were friendly and efficient, answering any questions I had and providing helpful advice on which options to choose. Our new car was delivered to my house within 10 days and is exactly what my wife and I were looking for. We were delighted with the service offered and will be recommending Palmdale to all our family and friends.

    MINI Cooper S (3 months old)
    Tim Pope
  • Palmdale were fantastic. From start to finish they were a dream to work with: prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. We’re thrilled with our new car, and so are our three kids, who have decided to call it the Rainbow Love and had this to say “it’s the best car ever”. We’d definitely recommend Palmdale to others...

    Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (2 years old)
    Tom Adams
  • Thank you for your help in getting our car - taking the hassle of negotiating and finding the car was well worth the fee, thank you, which was also made up with your negotiations. James also went out of the way to fix a couple of issues along the way that I wouldn't even have noticed. Great service.

    Volkswagen Golf (4 years old)
    James Carter
  • Palmdale make the process of buying a used car as risk-free and easy as you could hope for. To say they point you in the right direction would not be fair – with their guidance you agree together what the best direction is, then they take the journey for you and come back with your dream car. You just stay put and look forward to it being delivered.

    BMW X5 (4 years old)
    Jonathan Barton
  • I want to thank Palmdale for helping me buy a new car. I was suffering from the car sales person syndrome! Buying a car with Palmdale’s on my side was a pleasurable experience. They listened and delivered what I specified both within my budget and their own self set timetable. They were always there to listen, answer my concerns and to do all the work I had dreaded. Paying was almost a pleasure. Their after sale service continues at the same level. What more can I say.

    Skoda Octavia (1 year old)
    Anthony King-Cline
  • I asked the Palmdale Team to find me a pristine car for my commute in London, we discussed what my needs and priorities were and they came up with a great selection, presented in a way that was really clear and easy for me to choose from. The process was clear and thoughtful and I felt they really listened to what my needs were and adjusted the search when my requirements changed. The car they found was so much better than what I was hoping to get and is a real joy to drive, What a great result! Thank you!

    Volkswagen Golf (3 years old)
    Tamara Igboebisiokwu
  • Palmdale recently sourced me a Toyota Land Cruiser. They are relatively rare cars in the UK and Palmdale were helpful and knowledgeable from the beginning; making clear what challenges might be encountered with finding a good quality example that fit the required specifications and budget. They kept me informed of their progress throughout and were always on hand if I had any questions. This was the first time I had used a car buying service, but their knowledge and quality of service was excellent and gave me a lot of confidence. The process worked exactly as had been outlined at the beginning and I couldn’t be happier with the car that they found. Initially, I contacted Palmdale as I needed the car on short notice but didn’t have time to search, however I’m in no doubt that their expertise helped me acquire a better car than I could have found myself. I have really appreciated their level of aftercare, checking in to see how the car was performing after a few weeks as well as offering continued assistance if I have any questions or issues in the future. The overall experience was excellent, and I will happily recommend Palmdale to others and use them again in future.

    Toyota Land Cruiser (6 years old)
    David Hawkins
  • Palmdale sourced two cars for my wife and me. We were very particular about the spec for each car.

    They worked very hard to find exactly the right cars for us - in both specification and price. Ashley explained the process clearly, and James ran the searches. He gave regular progress reports, was knowledgeable about different specifications, alternatives and dealers, and if ever there was a question he didn’t know the answer to he always researched and came back promptly with an answer. Importantly Palmdale like cars, enjoy talking about cars, and educating people about cars.

    They were always extremely helpful, always had time for us, always picked up the phone promptly and were courteous, polite and engaging. No request was ever too much. We felt we could trust them to look after us and guide us through the tricky process of buying the right cars.

    Palmdale are rightly proud of the outstanding levels of service and delivery they provide. We would certainly not have found the quality and specification of car they found, and their knowledge and experience gave us the confidence that we were spending our money on the right cars. I strongly recommend Palmdale, and would certainly use them again.

    BMW X3 (4 years old) + BMW 6-Series (3 years old)
    David Wightman
  • I had a good idea of what car I wanted but after trawling through the internet could only locate cars in very inconvenient places. This would have involved travelling long distances by public transport or involving another person to drive me to the dealer where the car was located. In addition, I did not feel comfortable negotiating a deal having travelled so far with a disinclination to walk away from the purchase, only to repeat the process again. Also I am not a skilled negotiator.

    This is where Palmdale come in.

    I contacted their representative, James, who comprehensively captured my requirements and explained the fee structure. He explained that it is usually possible for Palmdale to secure a vehicle at price that would offset the fees.

    Palmdale worked assiduously to locate the right vehicle at the right price and a deal was struck with a dealer some 140 miles from my house. I approved the purchase. The price negotiated did offset all of Palmdale fees.

    The car was then checked over and driven to my house by a Palmdale employee.

    During the whole process Palmdale provided a thorough service and met all of my expectations.

    I do not hesitate in recommending Palmdale to anyone who is contemplating purchasing a car in the future.

    Mercedes E250 (3 years old)
    Joseph Cotter
  • I should like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the professional way in which Palmdale Motors obtained my new car. Despite the fact that I asked for the rather unusual Audi A4 S-Line 190 bhp, you took great pains to find the ideal vehicle, and not only that but it was in the specal order colour of metallic silver grey that I was hoping for.You kept me fully informed and involved at every stage, and the icing on the cake was that your final price was £2,500 less than the forecourt price. Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted with the car.
    David Mayer
  • Thanks again for your services in regard to sourcing a suitable vehicle for our family. We’re very happy with the car and it was a pleasure to deal with someone so professional and courteous. I will certainly recommend your services to others.
    Mark Warbrooken
  • I have no hesitation in recommending Ashley’s ‘Car Finder’ service. The process was clear, smooth and felt safe. Finding the right car at our price took about 2 weeks, and professional negotiation and delivery by Ashley took 10 more days. Some minor glitches with the seller were well handled. Sadly the traffic round Manchester proved somewhat trickier! The car drives beautifully and is in good condition, pretty much as advertised and no unexpected or major faults. Thank you Ashley and Palmdale . . . Vroom vroom . . .
    Dr Mark Thornton
  • Painless and worry free just doesn’t describe it. The whole process probably only cost an hour of my time – tops. Decisions were made easy with the options presented to me and I have ended up with a quality car I would never have found on my own Sourced, inspected, repaired, taxed, valeted, delivered – brilliant! I will be recommending Palmdale to everyone I know and anyone else who will listen.
    Debra Taylor
  • I've not purchased many cars in my lifetime, but the experience I encountered with Palmdale Motors was by far the best experience. The whole process was simple and easy. All I had to do was choose the make & model within my price range and Palmdale Motors did the rest. I ended up with a car in the colour I wanted but much cheaper than would be found on the forecourt! Bravo Ashley!
    Bob Dickerson
  • Finding the car of my dreams really was a breeze thanks to Palmdale Motors! I found the guys at Palmdale to be extremely friendly, helpful and trustworthy and hugely knowledgeable about cars so that I felt at ease making this big investment with their advise! I would have no hesitation in recommending Palmdale Motors to anyone looking to buy a car!
    Audrey McDonnell
  • Buying a second hand car has never been easier. You took a detailed brief, sourced a range of options, presented us with a shortlist and then had the car checked out. Only after you were satisfied and you’d arranged for some minor works to be done you then delivered the car directly to our drive. It was spotless inside and out and everything you said it would be. I especially liked the way that you tried to manage our expectations such that it was even more of a pleasant surprise to find the car looks and drives as well as it does. The purchasing process was very simple and we had no need to traipse around dealers or sellers. You earned your fee and we still saved money overall. A very professional service and you’re a nice guy to do business with too. I’ll be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to buy a second hand car.
    Mark Lee
  • Thanks for finding my lovely red Audi TT Approved Used Car, and for negotiating a saving of £2,500 against the forecourt price. I was impressed that you were prepared to go all the way to Scotland because you believed that this was where the best car was to be found. I can thoroughly recommend Palmdale to give a smooth, hassle free service.
    Christine Mayer
  • Ashley, Many thanks once again for your excellent service in getting us the Volvo, which we all love – no mean feat pleasing 4 kids and a wife! When we relocated from Cape Town, I thought I was very organised about certain things – BT lines, dates for furniture to arrive and be delivered etc. Getting a car was last on my list but thanks to you was first to arrive – much cheaper and better than expected. I will certainly not buy a car again without your service – it was worth every penny.
    Vighnesh Padiachy
  • Thank you for delivering the car this morning and spending time with me to not only road test it but also to show me all the essential features to enable me to get started. Your service is much appreciated and so is the net savings achieved and, indeed, your offer to provide on-going support. Thank you also for arranging the repairs and MOT test (at cost), before delivery. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
    Karim Shariff
  • Returning from Spain to the UK, we had to sell our beloved left-hand drive Toyota Prius hybrid car which was 4 years old with only 45,000 km on the clock. We set Palmdale the challenge of finding the best Prius they could find at roughly the same price we sold our Spanish one for. Helped a little by the continuing depreciation of Sterling, after an extensive search, they met and surpassed the challenge by finding us a higher spec Prius with 12,000 miles on the clock and only 3 1/2 years old which I picked from a shortlist of 6 conveniently displayed on my own personal link on the Palmdale website. They negotiated a hefty discount from the dealer and after Palmdale’s fee and expenses, we made a huge saving of £1,842 on the book price. For us, there was the added advantage that we were not yet living in the UK but had a car waiting for us when we moved. We might need a second car and if so, I’ll certainly be giving Palmdale a ring.
    George McInnes
  • I approached Palmdale as I was looking for a model of car with very definite specifications. As good as their word, Palmdale sourced the exact model within a week and had it completely prepared (inspected, valeted, licensed etc) before delivering it to my door as promised. I would highly recommend the service offered by Palmdale and will use it myself again when next in the market for such a car.
    Chris Corrin
  • Many thanks to you for all your help with the Volvo. I must say that Palmdale provides a fantastic service, with experienced and thoughtful advice and an excellent and complete delivery process. There is no way that I could have had the time or knowledge to effectively research the range of cars that you have done for me. Given the size of the discount you achieved, the service has more than paid for itself.
    William Shaw
  • I am a busy mother of two: a son, aged 3, and a daughter, aged 1. Actually I don’t know one mum that isn’t busy. It’s something that goes with the job. I have got a new car however. This is something that definitely would not have got organised without the help of Palmdale Motors. I can honestly say that without Ashley I would still be a busy mum, driving around in a bit of a sad old motor. My husband and I had been talking about getting a new car for about six months. We’d had a couple of disastrous attempts at taking the kids to garages to look at cars (not advisable. Some things are recommended with kids. Some things aren’t). We’d also spent many hours after the children were in bed looking at cars online, and had finally been driven insane by sending emails and leaving voice messages for people who never got back to us and didn’t appear that interested in actually selling any cars. Then it got easier. I saw an Ad in The Week for Palmdale Motors. I called the number. Immediately I felt reassured and relieved and a weight lifted from me. Ashley was incredibly helpful, unceasingly positive and a joy to deal with. Everything worked according to how Ashley said it would, and we got a fabulous car, delivered to our door and under budget, within 2 weeks of the first call. Easypeasy. Not a tantrum in sight. Priceless. Plus the kids love the new car.
    Emma Crane-Robinson
  • I finally accepted the need for a bigger car when even my children started to complain about its lack of space and low street cred. With little to no time on my hands, Palmdale helped find me the perfect drive within just 2 weeks from briefing to delivery! Palmdale answered every motoring question I could throw and filled me with total confidence for the right buy. I really couldn’t have felf safer buying a second hand family car than with Palmdale at the wheel.
    Nick Stickland
  • Finding a car for the family on our return to England from an overseas posting was easy, thanks to Ashley at Palmdale. Having emailed and spoken to him, I felt confident that the car would be reliable and I would get a good deal. I gave Palmdale the budget and the car spec and the car arrived a week after we got back to England. The whole process was hassle free, quick, and I am very happy with my car and so are the girls.
    Rhona Allin
  • Having decided that the family had outgrown our current car I was faced with the prospect of trawling around with two toddlers in tow to find a new one. I decided to give Palmdale a call- it was the best decision I could have made. They helped me choose the right car, had it inspected and delivered it within days. It couldn’t have been any easier. I heartily recommended them.
    Helen Gill
  • Being the family man, I feel a keen responsibility to ensure my family gets best value – being it a roof over our heads, education, etc. However, not being a petrol head, I’m glad I delegated the car purchase to Ash at Palmdale. Ash saved us £2,512 on a 2nd hand Ford S-Max and dealt with all the hassle!
    Philip Charlton
  • Palmdale was referred to me by an acquaintance and having just arrived back in the UK from overseas work, and with time short due to family/work i thought i would try it out. We bought one car, BMW 1 Sport, and because the whole approach was so personalised and professional we decided to then order a Discovery. I cannot but recommend Palmdale as 6 months later both cars are in in fine shape with no problems whatsoever experienced.
    Chris Bentley
  • Palmdale motors (Ashley) was fantastic in finding us a car. We needed a car badly for when our baby arrived (in a matter of weeks) and the turn around was very quick. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Made a reasonable saving and the car runs great. I would highly recommend Ashley’s service to any growing family as all the hard work is done for you.
    Michael Lawrence
  • Palmdale offers an invaluable service for people who are short of time, trying to save money and looking for guidance through the maze of recommendations from ‘What Car?’! Palmdale guided us to a car that we could comfortably get all our kids in and out of (and our stuff) with the least bother. He also gave us welcome guidance on fuel economy and value for money. And in the end our new car was brought to our front door!
    Harriet Marr-Johnson
  • Your service was great. You were always available and highly responsive. We are very pleased with the car and thanks for securing that huge discount off the asking price.
    Ed Parry
  • Dear Ashley, Most people know that I love my little beat-up Pug 106 with its tractor like diesel engine. Sadly, due to old age and an expanding family, I had to give the little car away and then acquire a new family vehicle. The brief was to find a Corolla Verso D-4D, preferably in a dark colour. I was very confident that you would be able to source the perfect car to match my requirements and budget. 4 weeks later my new car is delivered to my front door and it more than exceeds expectations. What I appreciated was the attention to detail throughout the whole process. Once I had chosen from a shortlist taken from an extensive search, the car was checked, niggles were fixed and it was professionally cleaned. All your fees were clearly laid out, so there weren’t any surprises. In fact, what was a surprise was the saving of £1758.32 on the market value of the car. Even after your fees, the car was a super deal! Thank you very much for a great service. Anybody I know who is buying a car needs to know about you. Yours Sincerely
    Will Cheng
  • Ashley is one of those are rare people you come across who really understands what customer service is all about. Not only does he like cars but he knows what he is talking about, listens to his customer, gives honest, good advice and then goes and finds just what’s needed. Would I use Ashley to help me find a new car? Yes I would and I have – twice.
    Chrissy Wegrzynski
  • To Whom It May Concern: I am the Area Director for BNI (Business Network International) in the North West London area. BNI sets up groups of professionals where there is only ever one person per profession, and these chapters meet regularly to pass business to each other. BNI groups function best when chapters ensure that only the best quality professionals are permitted to join, as members will only refer business to people that they know will do an excellent job. Recently I was in the market to buy a new car, and being mad keen on cars, I never thought that I would require help to do so. However, on hearing that one of BNI’s members was running a car consultancy business, I was intrigued, and went to talk to Ashley Winston of Palmdale motors. I was impressed in his business. But not half as impressed as I was once I had decided to use his services. Having given him a basic specification for what I wanted, Ashley spent time researching the options, searching the entire country for options. He then presented me with a list of potentials, all ranked on a basis of how close they were to my ideal purchase. Having chosen a car, the service included Ashley travelling to the car’s location (in this case Manchester), picking it up, and dropping it off to me once he’d got it sparkling clean. He not only saved me a huge amount of time and effort, but added to that saved approximately £4500 off the true value of the car! I would have absolutely no reservation whatsoever in recommending Ashley’s services to anyone who is in looking to buy or sell a car. My investment to use him has saved me a lot of money! Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information. Yours sincerely,
    Charlie Lawson
  • I have been searching for a particular motor for some 3 years. Being computer illiterate, and lacking in any mechanical know how, a friend recommended that I use Palmdale, a little sceptical, I contacted the Company. After 3 weeks exchanging information, the Mercedes SL 320 appeared on my drive, in pristine condition. What a pleasant and easy way to do business.
    Richard Wills
  • Dear Ashley, My good lady wife has asked me to pass on her sincere thanks for finding her such a lovely new car to go back to work with next week. Our list of options was fairly specific and I think you managed to tick all of the boxes and save us over £750 on the list price, even after taking into account your fees. Even better, we didn’t have to trawl round car showrooms with our children every weekend looking all the different models and we didn’t have to deal with any car salesmen, we simply waited until you delivered it to our door. We both think your service is unique and your personal touch makes it easy for us to pass on your details to anyone else we hear of who needs a new car.
    Robin Curtis
  • For a while I was thinking to change my car but I didn’t find the time and energy to start… Then a friend told me about palmdale and I found it too good to be true! For a very reasonable fee I dealt with professionals from A-Z (and beyond Z)… About 3 weeks after my first call with them, I had my dream car (checked, fixed and clean) in my garage. This is exactly kind of service we need and happy to pay in 21st century while we are too busy with day to day work and family. Very recommended – best value for money!
    Gilad Pais
  • We have been using the car for a week now and are delighted with it. It does exactly what we hoped it would although I often think I could have done a better gear change than its own brain has done. Very well equipped, comfortable, quiet, roomy, adaptable, economical etc. More to the point, we were totally impressed by your excellent service, thank you. You were fast, efficient, informative, courteous and astonishingly good value. After my best negotiations the identical car from our local Peugeot supplier (but the wrong colour) was going to cost nearly £5,000 more allowing for the Honda, fees, VAT etc in each case. I’m very glad Merlin recommended you to us.
    Simon Marr-Johnson
  • My most valuable commodity is time. That, coupled with the fact that I know next to nothing about cars meant that Palmdale were well placed to offer me a useful service. They saved me far more than they cost, managed the work that I wanted done to the car and found me the perfect vehicle, giving useful advice as required. They also delivered the car to my office a day earlier than originally specified all with exemplary customer service and communication throughout. In short, I cannot imagine purchasing a car in the future without using them again.
    Graham A F Hill
  • I’m grateful to Palmdale for the search of the suitable car under the suitable needs. I got what I was expecting. Simply as that. Easy, you don´t have to worry, they arrange everything for you. And the most important thing: they are car experts, so you don´t have to worry about mechanics or technical stuff… they do it for you.
    Alejandro Perez
  • Thank you Palmdale! I can not express enough how happy I am that we used Palmdale to find our new practical family car. From the advice given in the very beginning right through to delivery of the car, Ashley was fantastic! In 10 days he went from our initial checklist of requirements to providing an impressive shortlist of options, having our first choice fully inspected and reported on, data checked, negotiated down the cost of the car, collected the car from another county, had the front tyres replaced, paintwork touched up in a few areas, Isofix installed for future baby seat, new tax disc applied for and placed in windscreen in time for delivery, and personally dropped off the car at a convenient time, providing a friendly ‘tour’ of the car! All we had to do was get insurance sorted and pay the man – and having said that, we more than recouped the cost of this remarkable service in the value/quality of the car delivered to us – we never imagined that we would get something with such low mileage, in great condition and only 3 years old for our budget, but Palmdale came through and did all of the time consuming hard work! Alex is already planning the purchase of his next car with Palmdale, although this one will most certainly not be of the practical family-friendly variety! Whatever your budget or requirement Ashley will give you good solid advice – we will never waste our time again trying to buy a car by ourselves, 2nd hand or otherwise! Thanks from Karen & Alex at Charlotte’s Place, Ealing. x.
    Karen Wrethman
  • When I first met Ashley at a BNI meeting a few years ago, I was very interested in his business model – I’d not heard of this type of service before, and it sounded fantastic. I made a mental note that if I or any of my family needed a newer car, I should contact him. Since then, Ashley has sourced cars for both my mother and myself. We are both extremely pleased with our cars, and also with the amazing service that Ashley provided. Not only has he saved us thousands of pounds (and a lot of stress), we got service with a smile. Ashley really goes the extra mile, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Annette Peppis
  • The service provided by Ashley and his team is ideal for anyone lacking the knowledge and confidence required to negotiate with car dealers when looking to purchase a new car, or indeed for those of us with limited time to do the necessary research. Palmdale Motors do exactly what they advertise and any associated costs are explained up-front with the guarantee that the overall transaction will still save you money as compared to the market valuation. Your new car is delivered to whatever address is specified, at which time you have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the functionality of your new vehicle. The emphasis on customer satifaction is evident throughout the buying process and beyond. As Director of the organisation, Ashley provides a personal ‘after service’ to ensure complete satisfaction with your new purchase, phoning a week and then a month after the car has been delivered to ensure that everything is as it should be.
    Adrian Hegarty
  • I had very specific car requirements but I am also very busy and the service Palmdale offers is exactly what I needed. After explaining my detailed car requirements Ashley set about the task with vigour and identified several plausible cars but more excitingly he was actually able to source a new car rather than a two year old model we had budgeted for. I was then able to get the car I wanted but it was also new car which was a very pleasant surprise!
    Justin Sussex
  • As a nervous car buyer with little time, and knowledge, to do any serious research, using your company was the answer to all my problems. The service I received from you far surpassed anything I encountered from the various main dealers I had been trying to get to help me. The added bonus of having a younger, lower mileage, higher spec car for less money than anything the dealer could come up with and in considerably less time was just fantastic! Thank you very much and I will contact you first next time I need another car!
    Annalisa Fitzgerald
  • After just four or five emails and two or three phone calls we now have a fabulous and on budget second-hand Land Rover Discovery sitting in our driveway – it’s in beautiful condition and the specification is exactly as we requested with a couple of lovely extras. The car was found, inspected, secured and delivered by the hugely impressive Palmdale Motors. Buyer stress levels – zero. Customer satisfaction – sky high.
    Mark Wilkins
  • As someone who knows next to nothing about cars, I was very happy I found Palmdale. They gave me honest and good advice, from what car best suited me, to the price i should be paying, to what insurance i could get. As an all round service it is excellent. I wouldn’t hesistate to recommend them or use them again in the future. I am delighted with my new car.
    Ben Winston
  • We recently used Palmdale Motors to find us the perfect car to drive to southern Europe to live. We needed something that would be reliable and have no faults. We gave them our criteria and they did the rest – ever so patiently I might add. We were not the ideal clients. Including their fee, we still saved over GBP1000.00 and they found us the perfect 4 wheel drive. We would highly recommend them and have no hesitation in using them again.
    Birgitte Vosper
  • Buying a car should not be this easy! I gave Palmdale a description of the Mini I wanted, and they searched the UK for options. They handled absolutely everything including delivering the car to me. Palmdale saved me a huge amount of time and effort, as well as over £1,800!… all for a VERY reasonable fixed fee!
    Shainul Kassam, London W3
  • Before being referred to Palmdale, I had never considered appointing someone to source a vehicle for me. As far as I was concerned, the options were either to carry out the search myself or to place my trust and faith directly in the hands of the motor trade – would I know what I was doing, on the one hand, and could I assume that my best interests would be protected, on the other. Palmdale provided a wholly viable third option. They worked to my requirements to identify a list of possible vehicles for consideration and, once a selection had been made, they liaised with the vendor, negotiated on price, carried out all appropriate checks (HPI etc) and, when the time came, carried out a thorough check of the vehicle, processed the relevant paperwork and collected and delivered the vehicle. The cost of their services was more than compensated for by the reduction in price that they were able to negotiate, which was significantly more than I would have managed on my own! In recommending Palmdale, the single, most compelling argument for me was that, throughout the entire process, I felt that they were working for me and held my interests uppermost. The service was friendly, informed, courteous and efficient and I would have no hesitation in using them again.
    Mike Davies
  • Ashley and the team at Palmdale make the process of buying a second hand car easy and definitely saved us money whilst sourcing the best available car. Their customer service is excellent and they go the extra step throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction and that every detail on the car is perfect. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to family and friends.
    Glenn Hassett
  • I’m so pleased with my XF, I can’t see myself changing it for a while but when the time comes, I’ll be back to Palmdale. I couldn’t fault the service.
    John Matlin
  • A big thanks to you and your team for sourcing and purchasing the BMW 330i Touring and the Mini Cooper for us. We are delighted with both vehicles and the great value we obtained as a result of your service. As new arrivals from Australia with little knowledge of the local car market, the time and stress we avoided by drawing on your in–depth knowledge, resources and pragmatic advice was invaluable.
    Joseph & Sarah Griffin
  • I had put off changing my car, reluctant to step back into a dealership, but Palmdale made the process a pleasure. They are very knowledgeable and resourceful, meaning you end up with precisely the car you want, at a great price. The X5 they found me is in such good condition that a few friends I’ve driven in it, without noting the 2-year old plate, thought it was brand new. I won’t have any worries about buying my next car, when the day eventually comes.
    Jonathan Groom
  • Far too rarely in life do you come across something that’s as good as it gets. A bottle of wine, maybe. A holiday moment. Something your kids do or say. But when it comes to a business ‘rarely’ is the word that springs to mind. Except, perhaps, in the case of Palmdale. Put it this way. When my wife and I wanted to buy a car (the last one died) we were as familiar with the market as with buying and selling race horses. After two weeks of looking at nice photos and meaningless blurbs online we were no closer to acquiring one than when we started. We had a model, a colour and an engine type in mind – and a stonking headache. So we called in Palmdale, gave them our budget and specifications and went to the movies. A few days later they told us everything out there was rubbish and our budget was a shade optimistic. A few days after that two nice looking photos popped into my inbox. Both had the right spec. Both around the right price. We chose one and waited some more while Palmdale sent in The Inspector. Later that week we saw our car being inspected on YouTube (it passed with flying colours). Not long after it was delivered, gleaming, to our front door with not even a scratch on it. We’d lucked upon the only car in the southeast that had never been parked at Tesco. So if you want a Car Fairy to magic you a new set of wheels may I recommend Palmdale. It simply doesn’t get any better.
    Chris Maynard
  • Over the years, I have written many testimonials, some by request, and some simply volunteered. However, I cannot think of an occasion when I have been so happy to do so – in fact I demanded it! I’ve not until now had the opportunity to use Palmdale’s services but knew that cars and driving was a subject you live and breathe! I guess that for most folk, the idea of paying someone to find a car when one has access to the internet and a newsagent would seem strange. However, what a relief it was to simply have a few chats, give you the basics of what was required along with my budget and leave it to you. The fact that you found the best car out there AND negotiated £700 off the asking price meant that your fees were more than off-set. The car is simply fabulous and I can promise you that I will be your Chiswick salesman – singing your praises to anyone needing a car, whether a modest supermini or super-posh luxury car! My sincere thanks AGAIN, you are all friendly, professional, experts in your field and utterly trustworthy.
    Patrick Wyatt
  • In an increasingly impersonal world, Palmdale provided me with an attentive and bespoke service. I am very happy with my purchase because Palmdale gave me what I asked for: the right car, including model, colour, age and history, at the right price. Simply put, without Palmdale’s sourcing, I would still be trawling dealerships and the internet trying to weigh up which to purchase. Instead, within two weeks of employing Palmdale, I was driving the very car I was looking for.
    Harinder Dhillon
  • Thanks for all your help, it was a pain-free purchase and I have ended up with what I think is a lot of car for the money. I would highly recommend Palmdale!
  • Retaining Palmdale is like acquiring a niche best friend for a while, with all the patience, listening skills and wisdom you seek in your usual circle of friends. This year, having lost both my husband (who held the car responsibility in our particular division of labour) and therefore company vehicle, I found myself out of my comfort zone seeking a new car and getting to grips with a language that might as well have been Sanskrit. Cars, to me, are a method of getting from A to B in safety and reasonable comfort, with plenty of boot space and a decent interior – they are not much more, I’m afraid. Despite the helpful advice and time of good, car-interested friends, I was not getting anywhere fast with a new purchase, partly because I didn’t have years of accumulated car knowledge to draw on, and partly because I could have been equally happy/unhappy with any number of vehicles. So, when someone suggested Palmdale, I thought I’d give them a try. My first wish was for a young Golf Plus, with low mileage and a decent spec, but this did not exist within my budget, so we returned to the drawing board. Shortly afterwards, with plenty of guidance and their aforementioned phenomenal patience, Palmdale steered me towards ownership of a Peugeot station wagon, with loads of space, a lovely interior, sunroof and gadgets I didn’t even know I wanted, and well within budget. It wouldn’t have been their choice, I’m sure, but that’s not what they’re there for. At the end of the day, I’m happy and they have yet another satisfied customer. I would, and am recommending their service to everyone who notices my new car.
    Sarah McDowall
  • After several months unsuccessfully scouring the internet for my next car, a friend recommended that I called Palmdale Motors. With some scepticism I called and discussed my needs and budget with them, and they offered plenty of advice in the process – including telling me that the budget I set was probably too high for the car I was after. I signed the contract on Tuesday, a short list of matched cars was with me on Saturday and my new used car was deliverd by a Palmdale driver the following Thursday! The service didn’t stop there, Palmdale ensured I was happy with the car post delivery, they even arranged for new iPod connector cable to be delivered from the dealer! I was delighted with the service and even more delighted with the car, all at a price that I don’t think I could have negotiated. Would I use the service again… yes!
    Chris Burrage
  • I contacted Palmdale after seeing a recommendation for them in “Which?”. I was very impressed with the service. I confess my initial thought was that the £695 fee was quite high, but in fact this was more than offset by the savings they negotiated on the car. The people at Palmdale were knowledgeable and helpful. I was grateful to be talked out of buying a car that was too expensive for my needs and directed instead to an alternative, cheaper, model which represented much greater value for money. Finally, the car was delivered to my front door fully taxed and on time. The delivery man could not have been nicer. I will certainly use Palmdale again.
    Adam Clegg
  • Thank you for a wonderful service. It was really great to be able to get just the kind of car we wanted, for a good price, within a couple of weeks of getting in touch with you and even better to have somebody do it for us! Everyone at Palmdale was a pleasure to deal with and to have the car delivered to our door was brilliant. Well worth the Which? endorsement and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
    Kathy Lowndes
  • Consider it Done takes care of executives relocating to London. Palmdale allow us to help our clients in one very specialised area – sourcing cars. Palmdale truly are experts and their professional and helpful attitude fits very well with our clients’ exacting requirements, high expectations and very little time. They are a rare example of a company that will treat our clients every bit as well as we do ourselves. Our clients have always been thrilled that we’ve sorted their car for their arrival and taken out all the hassle of finding one once they got here… and they have never ever failed to be over the moon with the car.
    Consider it Done
  • I bought my first Audi through Palmdale 3 years ago. Having taken that round the clock, I decided it was time for an upgrade so went back and asked them to find me another one. I went off on holiday for a week and when I can came back they had found me a car significantly newer than I was expecting given the budget and 3 days later they personally delivered it to the front door. If anyone knows an easier way to buy a quality car, I’d be interested to know what planet they are on!
    Richard Buckley
  • “Many thanks to all at Palmdale for finding my new car for me, on quite a tight deadline. I had spent a couple of weeks researching what I wanted (with the help of Which?) and then been to a car supermarket & various showrooms to test drive various possibles. It was here that I met my stumbling block: although assured (by Which?) that the strongest position to be in was as a cash buyer, with no trade-in, the garages were unwilling to negotiate on price. I rang Which? for advice and was told that everything was online. Frustrated, I started checking through unread emails and found one from Which? giving details of your service. Obviously the lady I had spoken to wasn’t quite up-to-date with this new partnership. Clicking on to the link to your website I read everything there was and then telephoned you. Cue fanfare of trumpets & caped heroes with large “P”s on their chests! Palmdale to the rescue! You do what it says on the box – “the personalised car finding service, to save you time, hassle and money.” As simple and stress-free as you claim. And you do provide excellent service: any call I made or email I sent was always dealt with swiftly by one of you. In the month I’ve had the car I discovered 2 things: the first was that I had mud flaps (which was a bonus); the second was the cover for the cigarette lighter (in a secret compartment below the audio system). The one thing I wanted, but didn’t get, was a tow bar fitted. Because of my time restraints I cannot mark you down on this as you supplied the name & number (& quote) for a local man to come to the house & fit it for me within 48 hours. The biggest bonus was that you put enough petrol in the car to last me for 5 days. Why do garages not understand that you don’t want to wonder if you can make it to the petrol station before the fuel runs out, when you’ve just spent thousands on a new car? You truly understand what service means & provide it with a smile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Keep up the good work.”
    Kathryn Nelson
  • I would like to say how happy I am with my Honda Jazz and with the excellent service I received from Palmdale Motors. My experience echoed most of the testimonials on your website. I was a little concerned living in Manchester that the timings and or service may suffer but it didn’t. I also wondered if I would receive a different service due to the fact that the car I was looking for was at the lower end of the price range. It didn’t. I don’t think I could have received a better service had I been looking for a Rolls Royce. In fact I was so chuffed when my car got there (on time as well!) it might as well have been a Rolls Royce! I was also reassured by the linking of Palmdale with Which?
    Pam Brooks
  • If everything goes to plan it is easy to complement a business for doing a good job, but what impresses me more is when things don’t go as expected but everything is handled with care, consideration and professionalism. Palmdale have done a fantastic job in finding me the perfect Toyota for a really good price. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with them and I will be recommending their outstanding service to my friends and family. Using their service is a ‘no-brainer’ for people who want minimum hassle in buying the right car.
    Dominic Beecheno
  • Thank you all at Palmdale for finding what must be one of the last M3 of this type ever made and it is in almost mint condition. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone and I might come back if I can ever afford an Aston Martin.
    Geoff Clark
  • Palmdale Motors has played a significant role in my peace of mind during my relocation process from abroad. Not only they have managed to quickly find the quite specific model I was after, an automatic Seat Altea, but they got it within the tight budget I had. They also offered good assessment on the UK market and also on the short list examples they found for me. Finally, they made all the purchase process very easy, managing all the paperwork and proactively providing status updates on every stage until the delivery of the car. I am more than happy with the experience with Palmdale Motors and the car they have sourced me. In my opinion they are a very professional company you can trust. I will definitely recommend their services to anyone in the need for support to buy a car in the UK.
    Enrique Palacios Ferrer
  • Looking to purchase a new car couldn’t have been easier. As a Which? subscriber attention was drawn to consider the use of the services provided by Palmdale for the purchase of a car. We wished to purchase a new / nearly new car and for the car of our choosing we were informed of a considerable delay in the delivery following our visit to the local dealer. This was not desirable. We therefore sought the help of the services offered by Palmdale. What we received were excellent levels of customer service and delivery of our car to our doorstep. The whole process from start to finish took 2 weeks. We are very happy with our car and have nothing but praise for the refreshingly honest and straightforward approach to all aspects of the purchase which was handled with utmost efficiency. A big thank you to the team, including Carlo, the delivery driver, for making it easy and simple for us to purchase the car which met with our requirements. I will be happy to use the services of Palmdale again in the future and have no hesitation to recommend to others.
    Zahid Sachak
  • We were recently relocated from Boston to London and were put in touch with the team at Palmdale by our relocation service. They were very helpful in terms of narrowing down what sort of car within our budget would best fit our needs and were patient and prompt in responding to our questions over email and the phone. Palmdale was able to quickly find us the car we wanted, handled all of the necessary ownership, registration and tax paperwork and delivered the car to our door with no headaches. Better still, Palmdale was able to negotiate a price for the car which was below the top of our budget and was over £800 below the market value of the car after factoring in Palmdale’s fees and expenses. In addition to finding us a car which we have really enjoyed at a great price, The Palmdale team also recommended a warranty program for peace of mind and a garage they have happily used previously for future engine services or any repairs if they are needed. Working with Palmdale took all of the hassle out of buying a car and saved us a great deal of time, stress and money. I would highly recommend Palmdale to anyone who is in the market for a car – they made finding the right car very quick and easy and saved us a lot of money!
    Andrew Gay
  • We were impressed with Palmdale’s service from the word go. Desperate to find my mother a car, but with no time to go trekking round the country kicking tyres, I placed my faith in a Google search out of desperation. I guessed such car-finding services existed, but couldn’t believe what was being offered by Palmdale and I ended my conversation with them feeling reassured and relieved. The entire process was exactly as my mother and I had hoped. Friendly, stess-free and reliable. All the bases were covered and other than making a few decisions, the responsibility, work and worry was completely out of our hands. We put our investment and our faith entirely in Palmdale’s hands. We took a punt. We paid for a service we had no experience of but our faith was rewarded with a superb car, complete and comprehensive customer service, and even a friendly phone call a few weeks later to check all was well. We paid for a car-finding service and the vehicle we ended up more than with ticked all the boxes. But we ultimately bought ourselves complete peace-of-mind. And you can’t put a price on that.
    Gareth Butterfield
  • I found Palmdale Motors following a promotion in Which? Having had some difficulty sourcing the vehicle I needed, along with a reluctance get involved with the ‘tyre kicking’ of potential buyers for my vehicle, I asked Palmdale to act on my behalf. I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional and not in any way ‘salesman-like’. It was quite clear that their aim was to make sure I got the best possible price for my vehicle and that I was 100% happy with any vehicle they found for me. I had very specific requirements and Palmdale quickly came up with a shortlist and the choice was immediately obvious. Financially I was extremely happy with the deal. I am completely satisfied with every step of the process and follow-up, only ever feeling I was being advised by an expert and well served. I am very happy to recommend Palmdale Motors Ltd to anyone searching for that special vehicle and can only say that with regard to their claims, they do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.
    Bob Owen
  • When they say it really shouldn’t be this easy to buy a car, its true! After 8 years away from the UK I found myself struggling to try manage the process of settling in the family in and starting a new job. I needed a car quickly, had little idea where to start and very little time available to make a purchase. When I read about Palmdale in Which? and thought that they might be an option and from the first time I called them I was impressed. They were helpful and friendly. They gave me advice and suggestions which were never pushy or a sales pitch, just honest sensible professional views on what might be the best options and how the process worked. It took one more call to agree the car requirements and budget and then an agreed timeline (which for various reasons became a lot tighter than I originally intended. Palmdale managed the process quickly and efficiently from the initial search through to the delivery of the car. I was always kept informed of progress and received sensible straight forward advice when I needed it. They gave me complete confidence throughout and simply couldn’t have been more helpful. I got a lovely car, with a very low mileage, for a great price, delivered to my door in less than two weeks from my first call – all without any stress and hassle. It was followed up with an exceptional level of after sales support to make sure everything was fine. I will not waste my time doing anything else with our next car and have already recommended Palmdale to friends and family.
    Stuart Purye
  • We would like to recommend the services provided by Palmdale. We wanted our car on a particular date and nothing was too much trouble to ensure it was delivered on time. The process went extremely smoothly with good advise on the type of car to match our needs and a comprehensive review of the most suitable cars nationwide.
    Lesley Craig
  • I had been looking for my next car when I came across Palmdale from the Which? website. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in terms of our next new car and had been looking for sometime. Having spoken to Palmdale, I decided that I would use their car finding service. This was on the basis that, though I could do much of the searching myself, I have little time, and they do the ground work, with the Palmdale price promise as a backstop. Palmdale rapidly provided me with a shortlist of cars fitting my remit (no more searching and option paralysis!) and gave me options for trade in on my current car. We quickly decided on one of the shortlisted cars offered by Palmdale. I was happy to move forward, and as a bonus managed to sell my car independantly at a higher price than that offered, which was no problem at all for Palmdale. In the end we were presented with our new car in immaculate condition, delivered to our doorstep within a couple of weeks of starting the process. We also negotiated a reduction on the Palmdale fees, as the car, though reduced from asking price, did not meet the Palmdale price promise criteria, so true to word they agreed to reduce the fees paid. This really helped with ensuring we achieved our price to change, even with fees and expenses. Overall, this was about as stress free as it gets, everyone should buy their cars this way. Thank you.
    Steven Thomas
  • I was made aware of Palmdale’s services following an e-mail from Which? This recommendation immediately gave me confidence. Buying a car using Palmdale’s car finding service was very easy. The service was exactly as advertised – friendly, stress free and professional. The Palmdale team were very easy to deal with, sourced my daughter the exact car she wanted with the added benefit that it was 10,000 miles and one year newer than we expected and saved me £800 to boot. I will use Palmdale again in the future and have had no hesitation in recommending them to friends and colleagues.
    Dave Webster
  • Palmdale Motors were highly recommended to me when I wanted to buy a car. They did an incredible job and found me exactly what I wanted for a good price. The level of aftercare and support and the fact that they put things in terms that a non-mechanic understands really helped to make the process painless. Palmdale simply removed all the stress out of buying a car and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.
    Emma Wilde
  • Palmdale sourced exactly the car I wanted and negotiated a great discount for me. They arranged for a tow bar to be fitted and delivered the car to my door at the most convenient time for me. All in all it was the easiest car purchase I’ve ever made and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
    William Hood
  • Palmdale offer an excellent service to those seeking to replace their car. They will first discuss the client’s preferences (make, model, age, features, etc.). A realistic price target is established, and on the basis of what has been agreed, they will make recommendations. Palmdale then conducts a search and offers the client a number of possibilities. If the client opts for one of them, Palmdale then conducts all the necessary negotiations with the vendor, including (if the client so wishes) arranging for a detailed inspection of the vehicle by a qualified inspector, who then submits a detailed report. A part-exchange value is then established for the client’s existing vehicle and Palmdale finds a purchaser for it and does all the necessary negotiating. Palmdale arranges and deals with all the documentation to be sent by or received from all the parties involved (including the DVLA). The vehicle is then delivered to the client’s home (or elsewhere, as required), together with all the documents. In particular, a representative of the company will spend as much time as reasonably necessary to help the new owner familiarise himself with his new car. The representative then drives off with the old car. Finally, the client is contacted shortly after the completion of all the above, to inquire about and ensure his entire satisfaction. It must be stressed that all this is done in an extremely efficient, un-fussy and above all personal and friendly manner. The overall service provided by Palmdale is reasonably priced (on a sliding scale that depends on the value of the car purchased). I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the company and am very grateful to Palmdale for the outstanding service I have received. I would be happy to provide further comments and details in a telephone conversation: my particulars can be obtained from Palmdale.
    B Harocopos
  • I had been looking to buy a BMW Z4 for a bit of fun ‘toy’ for some months and had watched several come and go online without doing anything about it due to having absolutely no time at all to contact sellers, nor actually visit any vehicles. Having previously been in a similar situation when selling a Porsche 993, when I eventually used a 3rd party to market and transact for me, I had a look to see if there were any ‘outsourcing’ options for buying a car. After a bit of Googling I found Palmdale mentioned a few times and also saw the Which? links. I liked what I read (especially these testimonials), so made contact. I specified my requirements and explained which were must haves and which were desirable. The conversations with them were always friendly and professional, leaving me feeling assured that my search was in safe hands. I was in no rush and, although the search took longer than I had initially expected, I never doubted that we’d get there in the end. Palmdale kept me informed throughout the process and I awaited the shortlist photos with great excitement. Eventually, the right one, at a good price, came along and the stress free assessment, negotiation and purchase process went through without a hitch. The next thing was a very shiny and straight looking sports car delivered to my drive, just waiting for me to get the roof down and roar off (when it stops raining/snowing etc.) into the country lanes. I would definitely use Palmdale again and recommend them to anybody with too little time or experience to do the search and negotiations for them.
    Stephen Carl
  • I tried Palmdale having learned of their service through Which magazine. My expectations of good service were more than met, with top scores for courtesy and professionalism from first contact through to delivery of my car. I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend nor to purchase my next car through them.
    Ray Phillips
  • I appreciated your patience while the right car came up. The car itself is v. satisfactory. All staff contacts were always polite and helpful. Would always consider using your service again in the future.
    Ralph St John
  • We were simply blown away with the car that Palmdale where able to find us, I thought we were asking the impossible. The whole process was very straight forward with the Palmdale team being a delight to deal with. We will definitely be using Palmdale again in the future and have already recomended it to familly and friends.
    Nick Blackford
  • Just a quick note to thank you for helping find my perfect car! Having wanted this car since January I had been mucked about time and time again by other dealers. After approaching you last week, you were not only able to find my car cheaper for me but also the very next day! I have been blown away by the service and you definitely deliver to the high standards you set yourself. Thanks again
    Sean Conlon
  • We couldn’t have been more impressed and pleased with the service and help the team at Palmdale gave us. It’s like suddenly having a friend at your side who is an expert in cars and car buying. Always ready with advice, but always ready to listen to our needs. We ended up with exactly the car we wanted and ultimately saved money at the same time. Even since we took delivery, the support and help he’s given has been first class. Five stars!
    Nick & Sophie Murphy
  • From now on Palmdale Motors is ‘the way to go’! They were recommended to me by a friend and from the outset they couldn’t have been more helpful and patient. I felt I could trust their judgement implicitly and the service was second to none. I couldn’t be more delighted with my car which was delivered to my door and my previous car taken away without any hassle to me. I thoroughly recommend them.
    Jo Stark
  • Third time i have used Palmdale to buy a car. The service just keeps getting better. I only wish I had more money to change cars more often…….
    William Watts
  • Thanks so much for all your hard work and perseverance in securing the exact car we requested for the right price. We are delighted with the result and appreciated your attention to detail and regular updates. We would happily recommend your service to our friends.
    Mike & Kate Lewis
  • Having never bought anything quite as exotic as a Ferrari before, I was rather apprehensive over the whole process – would I be buying a financial black-hole or, even worse, something stolen! The Palmdale team took all the pressure off from the outset. They knew exactly what to look for – what was important and what could be overlooked and what spec was best. It was a terrific service – very responsive, professional and patient. Most importantly, it gave me enormous confidence to go forward with the purchase. The idea of actually buying a car, particularly something like this, without having even seen in it in the flesh (metal) seemed frankly a bit barmy to me at the outset. But, it made complete sense by the end of the process, following a detailed specialist inspection report and Palmdale having checked the car out. I would highly recommend Palmdale Motors.
    Mark Blyth
  • I became aware of Palmdale Motors when using the Which website to research cars. Which’s recommendation gave me confidence to use Palmdale. They listened to what my requirements were, made helpful suggestions to consider in the specification, provided a timely short list for me to consider, negotiated a good price on the selected vehicle, ensured that an inspection and all agreed work was undertaken. The car was delivered at the agreed date and time with great and pleasant communication during the entire process. I have recommended Palmdale to friends and would not hesitate to use them again.
    Jean Perry
  • I found Palmdale after browsing the Which? website for information on buying a car. They gave me lots of great free advice before I even decided to become a client. Once l had signed up it wasn’t long before I was driving my new car and I didn’t even have to leave the house! I had been put off by the thought of dealing with car salesmen and didn’t want to spend my precious time off work hunting for cars. The team at Palmdale took away all the stress and hassle and were always readily available to answer any questions or concerns. I would definitely come back to them in the future and recommend them to anyone who needs help sourcing a new car. Thank you Palmdale!
    Kay Millar
  • Palmdale helped us buy a car recently when we returned to London from being abroad for 3 years. Trying to buy a car when you don’t have one to go searching in would be quite difficult, so we were delighted to be recommended by a business colleague to use Palmdale. First, they were very useful in helping us decide which car we should get based on their vast knowledge and experience of the market (we settled on a Ford C-Max in the end) – we’d not bought a car since 2000, so we were very out of date with our car knowledge. Then they saved us from buying a horrible colour model as we hadn’t realised precisely what the colour was! We actually identified the car we finally got, as we couldn’t help doing our own searching on the web, but they did the negotiation and all the vetting, and delivered it to our door a couple of days earlier than we’d expected, which was a nice surprise. Throughout the process everyone at Palmdale were unfailingly cheerful, reassuring and helpful. I would unhesitatingly recommend Palmdale and would certainly use them in the future.
    Martin Smith & Marilyn Baxter
  • Moving country is never easy or stress free however when Palmdale was recommended to us by a friend we decided to give them a chance and see if getting a car could be done easily and efficiently from 8500 miles away. I am delighted that we did contact Palmdale as from the very first e-mail we were looked after very well. Our initial choices of vehicles were discussed and so was our budget and recommendations made. We decided on a vehicle and set Palmdale loose to source one. Not only did they come in under budget but they came in at approx. 15% under budget. So, not only did Palmdale save us money but they handled everything to do with getting the car to the airport to meet us off the plane, the car was cleaned, inspected, taxed and any little defects made right in time to meet us and after an 18 hour flight we were met by a cheerful Palmdale driver (at 08:00 on a Saturday morning). To say that we were overjoyed with the ease of purchasing the car and the professional way that we were looked after would be an understatement. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and I will have no hesitation in approaching Palmdale when I buy my second car. I would recommend Palmdale to anyone who wants an easy car sourcing service that saves money, time, and effort.
    Craig Graham
  • I was too busy to even think about buying a car. I told Palmdale what I was looking for and within 2 weeks I had the car I wanted delivered to my home, at a better price than expected. This is the definition of good service!
    Jon Maury
  • Palmdale are a dream. To give all of the stress and uncertainty of buying a vintage car (in my case) to a trustworthy and knowledgeable team that actually relish the search is pure brilliance! They took and understood everything I wanted and found me my perfect car and I was listened to and involved throughout. A perfect service. I Would recommend to everyone.
    Lucy McKinna
  • To Whom It May Concern: I am the National Director of BNI in the UK and Ireland. BNI helps its members get more business by teaching them how to effectively find referrals for each other. It is vital that BNI members are good at what they do – otherwise no one would ever refer them. So, given he is a longstanding BNI member, I knew that Ashley Winston must be good. I also had experience from a few years ago, when he saved me £4,500 on a previous car purchase. I was only ever going to turn to Ashley, then, when my expanding family requirements meant needing a new car recently. Where do I start with Ashley? Well, Palmdale Motors offer a hugely professional service: everything is taken care of, and nothing is too much trouble. He is very good at what he does: from the selection process which demonstrates his immense understanding of the car industry, through the negotiation with the vendor (where he will definitely save you money), to the aftercare service and ensuring that your chosen vehicle is absolutely 100%. To be honest though – you’d expect all of this from a company that finds cars for its clients. What sets Palmdale apart for me is Ashley’s passion and enthusiasm for what he does – it comes through in all my dealings with him: his excitement about my own excitement about getting a new car would be just one example. If anyone who is buying a car does not at least talk to Ashley first – then they are either stupid, or just happy to throw their money away – and I’m saying that as a confirmed petrol head myself. As such, I would have absolutely no reservation whatsoever in recommending Ashley Winston and Palmdale Motors to anyone – please do feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.
    Charlie Lawson
  • Palmdale certainly delivered for me; They found my ideal car, within the budget, quicker than I could have hoped for. They then sorted out all the tedious bit of buying a car and delivered it to my house. What’s not to like?
    Benjamin Kaye
  • This is our second time using Palmdale to help us navigate the minefield of buying a car and our experience has again been overwhelmingly positive. It isn’t often that you find a service that does the job better than you could ever dream you might do yourself and saves you tons of time in the process, but this has been precisely what we have found. First you say what sort of car you are looking for and how quickly. They give you straightforward and really knowledgeable advice and a steer on the budget. You can then work out what you can actually afford and narrow down your wish-list. Once done, the team go off, do their searches and finally, a couple of weeks later your choice of possible cars gets emailed to you. Once you have chosen what you want, they finish haggling, check the vehicle over and bring the car to you. How easy was that!!! I can’t express how much value they brought to us by combining peace of mind and ease of experience – we absolutely got what we asked for, when we asked for it at a great price. In fact, this time our car had loads of extra goodies, so we are completely over the moon. Thank you so much again
    Alex Marcuson
  • Palmdale motors – they do exactly what is says in Which? I found the guys at Palmdale to be a pleasure to do business with. I told them exactly what I wanted, how much I was willing to pay and the timescales I had in mind. They found me the perfect car under budget, slightly newer and with less miles on the clock than I was expecting. Carlo even hand delivered it to my front door. Overall I found their level of service to be excellent. I have already recommended them to my friends. Cheers guys and thanks again!
    Nik Howard
  • Palmdale was recommended to me in the search for the fairly rare model we were after. We specified colour, mileage limit and price. The Palmdale team delivered on all counts and negotiated the dealer down on his price. They arranged a full inspection of the vehicle before purchase to take the worry out of buying a car “unseen”. Palmdale also took our old car in part exchange – the process couldn’t have been easier with the new car delivered in superb condition and our old one taken away. The advice we received throughout was first rate, which kept us away from cars with potentially unsuitable history which we may have been tempted by. Nothing was too much trouble for Palmdale and everyone we spoke with extremely friendly and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Palmdale.
    Dave Moore
  • My husband I both had cars and we wanted to sell them and buy one between us. This coincided with me finding out I was pregnant so we needed to buy a car which was sensible but still a bit sporty. We contacted Ashley on a friend’s recommendation as we couldn’t face the hassle of selling both cars to find one and we found trying to part exchange that way meant we didn’t get a very good deal. After deciding we wanted an Audi A3 and telling Ashley roughly what spec we wanted, we sat back and let him do the rest. As my husband I know nothing about cars, we were given peace of mind by Ashley’s knowledge and we trusted him to find us a car that was in proper working order. Not only did he sell both of our cars but he managed to find us the perfect A3 at a very reasonable price. He then took away our old cars and delivered our new one to our home and we didn’t have to lift a finger. If you want a completely hassle free way of buying a car I couldn’t recommend Ashley enough!
    Sharon Kopelowitz
  • I was recommended to Palmdale by my son, who is a petrol head. I wanted to treat myself to a car with lots of toys and was looking for something secondhand with about 40,000 miles. So I was very impressed when Palmdale then helped me discuss Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Lexus options. They discussed the merits and demerits and we eventually settled on a Jaguar XJ6, 40,000 miles owned by one careful enthusiast who had spent a lot of money on it. I was thrilled. 5 years on and I needed a smaller car for medical reasons.. Palmdale quickly found me a 2011 Polo which is just what I wanted. I live in London. The Jag came from Tunbridge Wells, and the Polo from Harrogate which show their ability to source a car from a distance which. Of course, I would never have wanted to travel that distance on spec that I might like or not like that particular car.. So a very satisfied repeat customer. Oh by the way they boys at Palmdale are fun to deal with!
    Vernon East
  • I know very little about cars, so when I heard about the Palmdale service I thought I’d give them a go. I was initially sceptical about the service being offered, but they came good for me and I’ve now got a car I’m delighted with. The most important thing Palmdale provided me with was confidence that they were really working to find me a great car at the best price possible. The search went on for a while, which was fine as I was very clear at the outset that I wasn’t in a rush. Throughout the search period, Palmdale provided me with regular updates and at no time pressured me to accept a car that wasn’t the specification I wanted. Having researched the market myself, I was conscious that there were several cars of the type I wanted being advertised for sale on autotrader etc. However, the reason why I would recommend Palmdale so highly and will definitely be using them again is because they used their experience to discard inferior cars for sale and ensure I got a great car for a good price. The whole process was made so easy – they even gave me a fair trade-in price for my old car and delivered my new car to my home. They also arranged for a couple of minor jobs to be undertaken before it was delivered so I could simply enjoy driving it as soon as it was delivered! I’ve already recommended Palmdale to friends and will definitely be using them again in the future. Their professional attitude and experience of buying and selling cars made the process so easy. I would certainly consider changing my car more frequently in the future using their hassle-free service. James Crawford
    James Crawford
  • We love our orange (yes, orange!) Ford C-max, which Palmdale sourced for us. We had a rough idea of the sort of car that we would like, though as first-time car buyers neither of us was quite sure where to start or which make to go for. Preliminary searches of second-hand car websites had left us pretty bamboozled. Through Palmdale’s speedy and knowledgeable service, we got our car in next to no time, delivered, on 23 December, personally to our door. Thank you very much, Palmdale, for such an agreeable, professional experience.
    Xavier Chitnis
  • Palmdale supported me to get my new car despite it being Christmas and New Year! As a community Occupational Therapist for disabled children I need a car to see kids at home… when my car completely died Palmdale pulled out all the stops to help me get a car as quickly as possible, and took all the stress out of it for me. Well worth the money 🙂
    Sarah Hole
  • We knew we wanted to change our car but we were daunted by the process and, anyway, couldn’t imagine finding the time to schlep around car dealerships during weekends that were already too full with family and work. Palmdale worked perfectly for us. There weren’t too many available examples of the car we wanted at the price we wanted to pay, but the team at Palmdale found us a very nice model and we love it. Avoiding all the hassle and feeling ‘looked after’ in a world we weren’t familiar with was definitely value for money as far as we’re concerned. Above all, the Palmdale team (including the delightful Carlo, who delivered our new car very late one evening) have a great service ethos. We were particularly impressed with the way they negotiated an extra mechanical check with the dealer to verify a point that had been queried on the vehicle inspection and got him to promise to investigate and fix any issue at no cost to us before handing over the car (which is exactly what the dealer did). This additional bit of negotiation was really appreciated, since we’d been willing to take a view and weren’t aware that they were going to push the dealer that bit harder. All in all, Palmdale were a pleasure to deal with and we’d readily recommend their service to others.
    Eugene & Emily
  • We have found using Palmdale very easy and straightforward. The staff were very easy to talk to and any queries were always answered efficiently and clearly. We ended up with the car we wanted, maybe slightly better specs even, at the price we would have paid, had we done all the work ourself. I warmly recommend the service provided by Palmdale.
    Helene and Robert Price
  • I’d highly recommend Palmdale, as they saved me a considerable amount of time and money through both their initial advice and then subsequent purchasing of our new car. They were on hand at all times to answer any queries I had and made the whole process stress-free, so they’ll be the first people I call when looking for my next car.
    James Merrett
  • I have had been recently relocated to the UK and urgently needed a car – not just any car, but a good reliable car in good condition at a competitive price. As most of the people do it, I went online to check various 2nd hand car-selling websites. The used car market in the UK market seemed quite well developed which is a good thing from a consumer point of view, but at the same time I got confused where to go, who to find – honestly who to TRUST to buy a car from. Let’s admit it; in the end of the day, we are not car specialists, we really do not understand how this market works, what is a good car vs. a bad one, which one holds good resale value etc. most often we just focus and sweat about the small stuff. Sometimes we don’t even know what kind of car we want! And on top we all have heard terrible little stories about car dealers ripping you off by hiding a service or mileage history and selling you a car with defects. Yes, I am quite a cynic when it comes to things like this. I am doing marketing as a profession, and I know most of the testimonials like these on websites are fake, cheaply done by an website managing agency or by the small business owner themselves. So I was full of suspicion and had millions of questions when I first talked to palmdale trying to understand how this works, whether hiring them will add any value to my search and purchase. I was surprised they were very friendly but extremely professional in answering all my questions – but not in a very strict formal way; they were more like a good friend, who I can truly rely on. we started to talk about the car maker and model I have chosen; whether it suits my needs, what other models are out there to be considered. I am driving my new BMW for the last 3 weeks, and I am truly happy with it. Yes it is somewhat about the money and time I have saved through palmdale, but actually it is the ‘PEACE of MIND’ which is the real value I have got. I am happy that I have full trust on my new car, that it is a reliable car selected by professionals at the best price. And it feels good, believe me.
    Dohyung Kim
  • I’m not really a cynic but I do have enough miles on my odometer to be the kind of sceptic who takes the view that if something sounds too good to be true it’s highly probable that it isn’t true. Operating on that principle I would probably not have looked at information on Palmdale except that finding it recommended on the “Which?” website gave it some initial credibility – and I was at a point where I felt worn down by the amount of time I was spending online trying to find the car I wanted at the price I wanted to pay and was thus ready to try almost anything. Well, I’m so glad I broke my “it probably isn’t true” rule. Palmdale in general and Ashley Winston – founder and owner, guru, car enthusiast – in particular don’t just talk the talk,’ they walk the walk, go the extra mile, and indeed live up to any other positive cliché I can think of. I still have to pinch myself to believe the degree to which I found that their promise “that you will love dealing with us AND save money on your car, or we will do all our work for free!” overrode any of the more formal aspects of the agreement between Palmdale and their customers. They say that it is more important to them that their customers are happy with the car they buy and the price they pay than their profit – and if I hadn’t seen them demonstrate that in front of my eyes I would have dismissed it as salesperson-talk, not meant to be taken seriously, just meant to make you feel good. With Palmdale, however, it’s the literal truth. In one review I saw Palmdale praised with the phrase “does what it says on the tin.” Not true! Oh yes, you get that for sure — but so much more! Anyone who can turn a stressful experience like buying a car into a pleasure the way that Ashley and his team do has to be a magician. If you have a good friend who is very very very knowledgeable about cars and the car market, has your best interests at heart, and is willing to help you out even if there is little or no profit in it for him, you might not need to contact Palmdale. Provided, that is, that your friend will also take care of the paperwork and deliver the car in pristine condition to your front door! Palmdale is a case study of what outstanding customer service can be like. I’d use them again in the blink of an eye and recommend them to my friends.
    Justin Joffe
  • I was looking for a Range Rover with a particular specification, nothing outrageous but rare enough to severely restrict the amount of choice within a reasonable distance of my home. Having come across Palmdale on the Which website, I asked myself two questions 1. Would it be worth the money to have expert help to source a vehicle nationally? 2. Could I trust Palmdale to provide that help? Having answered yes to 1, I suppressed my scepticism and after speaking with the team engaged Palmdale. At the end of that process, I took possession of a tremendous car which is exactly what I was looking for. Throughout my dealings with the company I have found them to be exactly as described, helpful, honest and professional. Having identified a possible car the other end of the country from me, they negotiated with the seller, provided an extremely thorough examination of the vehicle, then collected, taxed and delivered it to me in superb condition. Since delivery they have remained in regular contact to check all is well. The toughest question to answer above is 1. If the answer is yes then 2. is easy.
    Pete Brandon
  • Many thanks for sorting out my car search; as I said at the start, I had zero time to spare slogging around not only to find a suitable replacement car, but also deal with the 2 part exchange cars. It was an interesting exercise, starting as I am sure many people do with a very narrow search, Volvo V40 Estate…..and not uncommonly ending up with something completely different, I am quite sure if I had asked you to locate the car you found for me at the price I paid, you would have not given me very good odds of you pulling it off ! Therefore to end up with a fully loaded 325 BMW touring was amazing; it was like a voyage of discovery finding all the kit that was included, it’s also a great drive and fits the bill perfectly, my boys of course where more interested in flappy paddle gear change and the massive sun roof than anything else. Time saved, money saved, job done !!! I will certainly come back to you when the time comes to find the big boys toy, M3, A4RS, R8 all letters and numbers !!! I would certainly not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to find the right car without all the leg work.
    Philip Bullman
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and hard work in locating the exact car under the specifications that we provided to you. As a new immigrant to the UK, relocating from Canada, it was amazingly helpful to have the hassle of negotiating a car purchase removed from our hands. Relocating our entire family for a work relocation along with all of the planning and other items involved is very tedious and time consuming. Having a professional company such as yours remove one less item from our ‘to do’ list is wonderful. You and your team were very professional in explaining all of the policies and procedures required for purchasing and registering a car in the UK. Further, you took the time to explain all that would be involved and answered all of our questions in a timely manner, as you took the worries out of our hands. My wife and I were very pleased that you managed to find the exact car we requested, with all of our required specifications, even in our top choice of colours. Delivery of the car directly to our door is an added bonus and a nice touch to the overall service experience that you provide to your customers. We would definitely recommend your service to anyone else considering the purchase of a car. It was also great to work with another ‘car nut’ that is obviously passionate about what they do. It shows in your enthusiasm and work ethic. Keep up the good work and all the best. Jamie and Jenifer
    Jamie and Jenifer
  • These guys make buying a car so painless and stress free, highly professional service! Great value! Will never buy a used car without putting Palmdale into play.
    Kevin Hastings
  • We used Palmdale three years ago to purchase a new Nissan Qashqai for us. We have returned again recently to purchase a second hand Seat Leon. On both occasions the service has been faultless, and the savings far better than we could have otherwise achieved. In our case we knew what we wanted, but did not have the time or patience to find the right car, in top condition (we are very particular!), and then to negotiate the best possible price. The Palmdale team took all the stress and hassle out of this process, and they even delivered the cars to our front door. The enthusiasm and attention to detail that they deliver, from all the staff we encountered, was plain to see. They enjoy what they do, and want to achieve the best possible outcome for their customers – whatever that happens to be. We recommend Palmdale to friends and family every chance we get – and we wouldn’t now buy a car any other way! Those who don’t use this service are missing out on a good deal, and a hassle-free process to boot!
    Trudy Berridge